21 Gearhead Gifts for Your Wishlist


Written by David S. Wallens


Not sure what to get that special someone this year? Need to drop a hint or two about your own wishlist? That’s where our annual holiday gift guide comes in. Of course, don’t forget that you can always use it to treat yourself.

1. Garage Art sells all kinds of garage-approved signs and clocks, including personalized ones in various sizes and shapes.

2. The GeoSky Alert constantly tracks any vehicle and promises a 38-second response rate should it move.
$249 + monitoring fee

3. How about an escape for two on one of our tours? Our Orange Blossom Tour snakes around north Florida March 4–8, while our Smoky Mountain Tour visits the Great Smoky Mountains June 10–14.
$4995 Orange Blossom Tour
$5995 Smoky Mountain Tour

4. Steve Petrosky offers custom drawings in addition to the ones shown in his online catalog.

5. The Kinekt Gear Ring is no longer only available in stainless steel. Gold, gunmetal and rose gold options have been added to the lineup.

6. How about a car book for the little ones? Kevin O’Connell’s “Abecedarium Automobilium” features some of our favorite makes and models.

7. A boring bicycle shouldn’t share the garage with a cool car. British Bicycle Company carries English-built bicycles like the Pashley Guv’nor. The styling comes straight from the ‘30s, and niceties include Reynolds 531 tubing, Sturmey-Archer hub brakes and a Brooks saddle.

8. A new racing season probably means that it’s time for a new helmet. Bell Helmets offers something for every budget and taste, like their stylish, Snellrated Vador.

9. Jack stands don’t have to be heavy and cumbersome. Harbor Freight’s 3-ton aluminum jack stands weigh just 4.5 pounds each.

10. CTEK’s latest battery charger, the MXS 5.0, works with all kinds of batteries and in all kinds of weather conditions.

11. Renew your Classic Motorsports subscription, sign up a buddy, or check out our other magazine, Grassroots Motorsports.

12. BRM’s Martini chronograph features the colors carried into battle by so many iconic machines from brands like Porsche, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.

13. Back in the day, a set of fog lights tipped off the rest of the world that you were a serious driver. Greg Gear Head offers several vintage-styled auxiliary lamps, including these 5-inch fogs.

14. Battery jump boxes don’t need to weigh a ton. Battery Tender’s Lithium Portable Power Pack checks in at less than a pound yet delivers 400 cranking amps.

15. If you’re into classic autos, why not classic guitars, too? In addition to vintage cars, Craig Brody also sells vintage guitars, with available treasures dating back to the ’50s.

16. This Hot Wheels Car Culture Premium Boxed Set features five popular die-cast cars, including the Brock Racing Enterprises Datsun 510. BRE is offering a limited number of these sets, each numbered and autographed by team manager and owner Peter Brock.
Price TBA

17. Pete Lyons watched the 1968 Can-Am season unfold through his camera’s viewfinder, and 50 years later he’s sharing some of those images via a giant wall calendar.

18. DriveShare by Hagerty allows classic car owners to rent out their cars without having to formally set up shop. Offerings range from vintage classics to modern supercars.

19. You don’t have to own a Cobra to wear this hat from Cobra Performance. The parts supplier offers lots of wearable ways to show your love for the marque, from shirts to bags.

20. Hudsons Model Car Co. builds scaled-down, kid-friendly hotrods. Each one is a bespoke creation.
4495+ British pounds

21. No hose? No problem. Meguiar’s Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax offers a bit more oomph than the standard quick detailer.

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