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Subtle Upgrades Make This BMW 1600 Sing

John Lorio admits to being a Datsun fan, but that didn't stop an early admiration of the BMW 1600.

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5 Tips To Keep a Classic Fuel Injection System Running Well

The truth behind fuel injection in a classic car.

The New Stratos Has Some Big Shoes to Fill

The original Lancia Stratos was as unlikely a three-time World Rally Champion, so how does this "new" Stratos live up to that legacy?

Modest Mods: Supercharged MGB

Bill Hiland upgraded his MGB with modern wheels and tires, some suspension tweaks and even a supercharger, but it remains a fun little British roadster.

Driving the Short-Lived MGA Twin Cam Is Magical

The MGA Twin Cam is proof that sometimes glory comes late in the story.

Period Perfect Porsche 356

This Porsche 356 raises the stakes of period correctness to a whole new level, with immense detail that he drives on tour events.

Alfa Romeo
Window Shopper: Alfa Romeo GTV

Sensible but by no means boring.

Going Back to the Future With the Nissan Pike Cars

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Nissan released a string of classically styled small cars.

Depreciation Station: 2008-'13 BMW M3

A howling V8 matched with BMW M pedigree may cost less than you think.

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