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Porsche Playground

The new Porsche Experience Center invites you to sample, spin and slide the company's cars on specialized driving courses.

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Depreciation Station: 2004-'11 Mazda RX-8

Love rotary engines? A Mazda RX-8 can be found for a fifth of the original price.

Window Shopper: Porsche 356B

Looking for a classic Porsche on a budget? The 356B may be your answer.

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Make it Sing

What's the difference between a great running car and a cantankerous beast? Usually just a bit of tuning and sorting.

Riding the Rails

Lotus 7 vs. Lotus Elan: Comparing two favorites from an incomparable manufacturer.

Monterey Playbook Presented by Passport Transport

Do Monterey car week's famed classic car events like a pro.

Behind the Wheel: Lola T70 MK1

We slide behind the wheel of Brian Johnson's Lola T70.

All British
Who's Making Our Parts?

Poorly made aftermarket components are a real concern.

Dealer Profile: Copley Motorcars

Copley Motorcars don't just try to sell cars, they search out models that they think fit the customer.

Depreciation Station: 2008-'13 BMW M3

A howling V8 matched with BMW M pedigree may cost less than you think.

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