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The Last Waltz

Love it or hate it, the TR8 closed out the era of the mass-produced British sports car

Featured makes: Triumph
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Sebring Specials

1964 MGB Team Cars Are Resurrected to Race Again

Featured makes: MG
Mid-Engine Madness

Ferrari vs. Fiat: Two Italian Sexpots Share a Common Flavor

Featured makes: Ferrari , Fiat
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A Vintage Italian Job

Paul Smith’s rare Fiat boasts an interesting history and a direct connection to the company.

Featured makes: Fiat , Osca
Magnette Attraction

The advanced design of the 1954-’58 MG Magnette makes it a very desirable sports sedan—if you can find one that isn’t a rust bucket.

Featured makes: MG
Cat's Cradle

Nestled cozily in this Sprite is a big Jaguar’s heart

Featured makes: Austin-Healey , Jaguar

Repairing and Restoring Fiberglass Sports Cars

Featured makes: Berkeley
Clean Room

Who says engines have to spend their lives in dirty, oily surroundings?

Featured makes: Datsun
Rise and Shine

Spend a few moments with your classic before that first springtime drive.

Road Rules

Vintage rallies are the most fun you can have with your car on.

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