How to finance your next classic car purchase

Whether you have it on hand or not, you don’t need a pile of cash to purchase that next classic. Financing is always an option.

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Whatever happened to leaded gasoline? | Fuel Facts

Leaded fuel used to be everywhere–now, not so much. Whatever happened to it?

Tech Tips: 1975-'89 Porsche 911 Turbo

By adding a turbocharger–along with bigger brakes and those healthy flares–to its classic 911, Porsche essentially put an FIA race car on the street with the 911 Turbo.

Driving a BMW 3.0 CSL Is Like Meeting an Idol

The BMW 3.0 CSL was an enduro goliath in the '70s, but how did fare when we drove it?

Adding wire wheels to your British classic

Adding beautiful wire wheels can be a simple bolt-on job

Chevy Corvair vs. Porsche 356 | Comparison Test

Is the Chevy Corvair really a lower-dollar substitute for the Porsche 356?

The Volvo P1800 reimagined by Cyan Racing

What was Cyan Racing to do when Volvo ended its racing program? Build modern race car-powered restomods, of course.

How to plan a perfect restoration—and what to do when things go horribly wrong

Even with the best of intentions, not all restorations go according to plan. Here are some tips to make the best of a bad situation.

How to Take a BMC Race Engine From Average to A+

Without a doubt one of the most popular powerplants in the history of sports car racing is the venerable A-series engine.

When the Value Is in the Story, the Mission Changes When Restoring Race Cars

Race cars tend to live brief, intense lives that make them a tough sell to a restorer. But if you dig deep enough, most old competition machines will reveal a …

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