The Porsche-Beating Opel GT

How an Alfa Romeo Legend Polished the Opel GT Into a Porsche-Beater

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Picking the right fire extinguisher for your classic

Showing a classic? Driving a classic? Whether it’s a race car or not, are you prepared for a fire?

The Toyota Celica that launched Janet Guthrie's Indy career

Before making history at the Indy 500, Janet Guthrie ran this rather modest Toyota Celica. A sympathetic restoration has kept the car close to original.

The BMW M1 proves that M Is for motorsport

BMW’s Famed M Division Came Out of the Gate With the Radical M1

Peter Brock Reflects on the Early Years of Sports Car Racing

The early years of sports car racing may have been its most exciting, and Peter Brock was there to see it all unfold.

How to erase those body boo-boos with some paint blending work

It’s a common sight with our classics: a great car that’s marred by just a small blemish. Some easy paint blending work can erase these errors.

Before BRE and Bob Sharp, There Were Fuji and Sakura

Nissan’s motorsports history didn’t start with BRE’s famed arrival in 1968-or even Bob Sharp’s SCCA championship a year earlier.

The Non-917: A Porsche Replica that makes sense

This is not a genuine Porsche 917, yet when its flimsy door shuts and you’re enclosed in its tiny bubble of a cockpit, you can immediately see yourself from the …

Finding, then restoring, the first Targa 911 sold in Germany

Following nearly 40 years of storage, this soft-window 911S Targa was finally put back together properly.

How to put your car collection on public display

Why keep the collection to yourself when you could show it off the world?

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