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Hop on the Bandwagon: The E30 Touring Wagon

Many dream of importing a euro-spec BMW wagon, but Motor Trend’s Jason Cammisa actually did it. Here’s how.

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Pretty in Pink: An Unlikely Austin-Healey Story

Don't be fooled by the unlikely livery: This one-off show car was also a Healey works racer.

Audi , Lancia , Peugeot , Renault
The Rise and Fall of Group B

More than 30 years ago, Group B perished in a ball of flames in a ravine in Corsica.

Brumos Collection Opens to the Public and Reveals a Surprise, the Steve McQueen Porsche 917K

The Brumos Collection has opened to the public–famed Porsches and more.

Your First Race Car: What's the Best for a Beginner?

Answering a Popular Question: What Is the Best Car for the Beginning Vintage Racer?

How To Sell A Classic Car: Making The Sale

Ready to sell? A proper game plan can help you fetch top dollar.

280,000 and Counting: This Porsche 356 Has Been Around a Few Blocks

Mark Pribanic and His Porsche 356 Have Been Around the Block a Time or Three.

Youngtimers: The New Wave of Collector Cars

The Youngtimers--cars from the '70s through the early 2000s--are rising in value. Is now the best time to buy?

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Collecting Smalls: Tiny Cars Can Yield Big Thrills

Wonder if a small car can really be fun? Just ask any Mini owner.

Sold: Bullitt Mustang At $3.74 Million, Was It Well Bought or Well Sold?

How much of a price premium do you charge for fame?

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