Why you should make a vintage kart your next project

Whether we had one or not, go-karts defined cool back in the day. And today, they’re just as captivating.

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Insider's guide to Monterey Car Week 2022

Here's how to get the most of Monterey Car Week 2022

The Junior Zagato 1600 Is a Small Alfa With a Big Heart

Despite the Junior Zagato 1600's economical engine, the car's sleek styling and fun handling have made it a desirable Italian classic.

A Bad or Missing Title Can Derail That Project | Column

Sure, you can get a title for a car that has a bad or missing title, but it’s never easy.

The Auburn Auction: 18 Cars to Watch | Prewar race cars to modern exotics

Unique cars, laden with history, highlight The Auburn Auction.

6 steps to better paint

Bad paint job? Don't repaint–here's how you can improve what you already have.

Tech Tips: 1978-'83 Porsche 911 SC

The Porsche 911 SC added fender flares and an aluminum-case, 3.0-liter engine to the standard 911 package.

Cars that sit need clean fuel, too | Fuel Facts

Just because it's sitting, doesn't mean you should give it anything less than what fuel you'd put in a running classic.

12 Tips For Better Project Car Management

Restoring a car is more than just the grunt work. You need to have a game plan, too.

From clay models to 3D scans | An appreciation of change

The automotive industry may have moved away from full-size clay models, but that hasn't stopped Peter Brock from embracing modern technology to make his designs.

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