What is race gas? | Fuel Facts

Race gas is race gas–there’s just one kind, right? Well, no. The term covers an entire spectrum of products, including some you can even use on the street.

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Why not Avgas in your car? | Fuel Facts

Is aviation fuel a viable alternative for a classic car?

Cars that sit need clean fuel, too | Fuel Facts

Just because it's sitting, doesn't mean you should give it anything less than what fuel you'd put in a running classic.

Does the octane number in your manual match the one on the pump? | Fuel Facts

If the manual recommends 96 octane, does that mean you should fill up with 96-octane race fuel? Not exactly.

Was yesterday's gasoline better? | Fuel Facts

Was the leaded gasoline of yesteryear really more potent than today's fuels?

Homebrewed, non-ethanol fuel: A potentially deadly DIY | Fuel Facts

Look hard enough, and you can find plenty of videos on how to make your own non-ethanol fuel at home, but doing so can be harmful to your health–and your …

Is alcohol in fuel good or bad? | Fuel Facts

Most modern fuels contain some ethanol–but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Classic Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide 1965-1998 | Book Review

Classic Motorsports reviews “Classic Porsche 911 Buyer’s Guide 1965-1998” by Randy Leffingwell.

What's in aftermarket additives anyway? | Fuel Facts

Just how true are the promises on all those brightly colored bottles at the auto parts store? We ask an expert to find out.

Cocomats: A chic and sustainable automotive accessory now offers more options than ever to best match your car's interior needs.

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