ACF-50 works as advertised for rust removal and prevention

Photography Credit: Tim Suddard

We hear it all the time–especially at trade shows: This new product is the best.

While at last fall’s PRI Show, we had a visitor to our booth hawking a rust preventative product called ACF-50. We were told that it was amazing–something we often hear at trade shows. We agreed to try some and took a can home.

The promise of ACF-50 is that it not only disintegrates corrosion, but it adds a layer of protection that can last up to a year. We were told that it was developed for the aircraft industry by the Lear Chemical Research Corporation. Since it’s thicker than water, we were told, it’s more effective than a product like WD-40.

While tried ACF-50 on a 1975 Honda 400F motorcycle that we’re restoring as it sported a fair amount of corrosion. We were truly impressed: ACF-50 definitely did the job and not only removed corrosion, but in the three months since we used it, seems to truly add a layer of protection.

We find ourselves using this product more and more around the shop. It is available from Amazon and other retailers.

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