Is the new BMW M2 successful in preserving the M-car spirit?

Photograph Courtesy BMW

Look, Ma, no giant kidneys.

BMW’s all-new M2 performance sedan recalls a long lineage of the brand’s sporty coupes: plenty of speed in a right-sized package that could almost blend in with traffic. 

Perhaps “plenty of speed” sells the M2 a bit short. During our time with the car, on both road and track, we found it to be fast and–here’s the other important thing–very easy to drive at the limit. Right out of the box, the car was running solid lap times: faster than the current Toyota Supra and nearly catching the latest Corvette Z51. 

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This all in a package that’s smaller than other current BMW offerings yet, by many yardsticks, is still a bit big. The M2 checks in at some 3800 pounds with a wheelbase nearly as long as that of a current NASCAR Cup car. (The 19- and 20-inch wheels, we think, help maintain the proportions of a smaller car.)

Credit the 453 horsepower, credit whatever magic BMW mixed into the $62,200 stew, but the car dances way better than it should, and the stopwatch confirmed our impressions. The M2 delivers on the road, too: quiet, comfortable and, thanks to that size, able to swallow more than expected.

One last thing to love here: The M2 comes standard with a six-speed manual box. 

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