Build a Safety Rag Barrel for Your Shop in 5 Steps

Shop safety experts say you should keep dirty rags in a covered metal container. We were given this old Pennzoil lubricant metal barrel and decided to turn it into a rather cool-looking storage container for our dirty rags. You can find an old barrel like this at nearly any gas station or lube shop, probably for little or nothing. Of course, we should add that this barrel is not UL-approved or self-closing. 

Step 1:

We started the project by removing the cover and snipping off its tabs. Now the cover can be easily lifted off.

Step 2:

We bead-blasted the cover and painted it black. 

Step 3:

We then went to our local hardware store and picked out a decent-looking handle.

Step 4:

Gotta tell everyone what’s inside, right? We picked up a stencil kit from the same hardware store. 

Step 5:

After an hour and a $15 investment, we now have a cool, safe place to keep our dirty rags. Don’t forget to empty yours regularly.

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11/11/20 4:22 p.m.

I would just buy an ammo box on eBay and store rags in it. They come in all sizes and will save time that you can use doing 'fun' stuff like cleaning the grease off the engine of your new acquisition.   William Blakley

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