Dealer Profile: Beverly Hills Car Club

Story By Andy Reid

This place is absolutely worth a visit. Ironically, Beverly Hills Car Club is located on the eastern end of Los Angeles, not anywhere near Beverly Hills.

That may not sound like a good thing, but it really is. Owner Alex Manos has found himself some reasonably priced warehouse space and has packed it with upward of 100 cars for sale.

It’s mostly projects for sale, Alex told us. For the past 12 years, he’s bought virtually every classic car he’s come across. If he goes to look at a so-called cream puff and it ends up not being in such great condition, he still tries to buy it as a project or parts car. This place is a veritable field day for our readers. Stacked with mostly German, Italian and British iron, this guy has some interesting examples.

From the more common MGs, Triumphs and Jaguars to cars like Singers, there’s a notable variety of project cars here.

Other Services

Want a souvenir from the store? You’re in luck. Beverly Hills Car Club not only buys and sells vintage cars and classics, but they have shirts, pants, hats and other accessories for sale as well. Check out their store online.

Hot Buy

Are you scared off by Pagoda Mercedes auction prices? Alex has several starting in the low $20K range. Sure, they’ll need some work, but they’re priced accordingly. Don’t be misled: Beverly Hills Car Club has a nice selection of cars, including high-end stuff like vintage Ferraris and Mercedes-Benz 300 SLs that would be worthy of that 90210 zip code. We also saw a beautiful 3500 Maserati among others. If you’re reading this magazine, you’ll like this Beverly Hills Car Club. Next time you’re in the Los Angeles area, we highly recommend you check out this place. Allow yourself at least an hour to get a feel for the multitude of cool cars there.

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