How to pack an effective quick detail kit

Photography by David S. Wallens

The time to get those cars out of the garage has arrived, so how about packing a quick detail kit? If you have some detail supplies in the car and something bad happens–bug splatter, bird droppings or the like–you can take care of that little problem before it becomes a big one.

What to carry? Detailing pro Tim McNair of Grand Prix Concours recommends the following:

  1. Quick detail and glass cleaner: To save space, carry them in 4-ounce spray bottles.
  2. Microfiber cloths: For quick detail wipe-up, dusting and more.
  3. Pastry, paint or makeup brushes: Great for dusting.
  4. Masking tape: Use the sticky side for picking up lint, tiny pebbles, etc.
  5. Bamboo skewers: Perfect for dislodging crud from any crevice.


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