How To Run LED Headlights and Taillights on Your Classic

Photography by Tim Suddard

LED bulbs aren’t just the future, they’re the present–and Little British Car Co. carries the lighting hardware needed to update older machines. The company’s catalog includes LED conversions for everything from gauge lights to turn signals. We installed its 7-inch LED headlights and LED taillight bulbs in our Sunbeam Tiger.

Step 1:

The Little British Car Co. LED conversion for 7-inch headlights includes new lenses and LED bulbs that fit through the backs of the housings. 

Step 2:

The base of the LED headlight bulb protrudes a bit, so be careful when fitting the updated units into the headlight buckets. 

Step 3:

Despite the modern tech, the LED headlights look traditional–at least at first. 

Step 4:

Once energized, however, the LED bulbs look whiter than those conventional halogen lamps. 

Step 5:

After installing the other LED unit, we aimed the headlights. In low-beam mode, the left-side beam should sit a tad lower than the right-side one. Our lights needed just a touch of adjustment.

Step 6, 7:

On the road, the difference is dramatic. The LED lamps cast a whiter light that, at least by our eyes, seems to illuminate more of the road. 

Step 8:

We also installed LED bulbs at the tail end of the car. The LED bulb (on top) fits the standard receptacle. 

Step 9:

Before buttoning up the new taillights, we tested them. The result: again, brighter lights.

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