Sisal Mats: A Classic Floor Mat for That Modern Classic Car

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Cocomats work great in your classic. It’s a classic mat for a classic look.

But what if your classic comes from the age of heated seats, automatic wipers and an aux input? 

Maybe sisal mats are a better fit for that modern classic.

Sisal mats come from the Agave sisalana plant,” explains’s Jeff Allwine, a modern producer of both coco and sisal mats. “They are a tighter weave called a boucle weave and were popular in the ’70s and ’80s. 

The sisal mats have a more refined look then coco mats,” he continues. The sisal fibers are also a little softer than traditional coco mats while featuring a tighter weave. 

Sisal mats became big in the ’70s and have remained popular since. “There was set of sisal mats in the 911S that was once owned by Steve McQueen and used in his film Le Mans,” he continues. “It was sold several years ago to the Petersen Museum for over $1.3 million dollars.

He does note that coco mats, thanks to their looser weave, work better in cars that experience a lot of water, snow or dirt. The offending material simply falls through the mat, where it’s collected by the rubber backing. 

Jeff notes another alternative from his catalog: “In addition to the natural fiber sisal mats, we also offer a synthetic fiber made from Nylon 6.6 material in a sisal look. This will last much longer, nor stain or fade.”

Like all of the other mats offered in the catalog, can make sisal mats for any application. “Our natural and synthetic sisal mats are a top-quality mat,” Jeff explains. “We use the only finest materials available and offer complimentary colors from most classic to new cars.  

We can make our sisal mats for any year make or model,” he continues. “We can do individual mats, runners and even cargo mats.” Six solid colors as well as six checkered patterns are offered. A two-piece set retails for $179.95.



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sir_mike New Reader
7/9/20 3:29 p.m.

Got my first set of Coco mats around 69-70...loved them

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