How to diagnose that errant noise | Is something wrong with your car?

Tapping or ticking from the top end of the engine
→ Loose valves or other valvetrain issues

Tapping or ticking from the bottom end of engine
→ Main or rod bearing issues

Rushing air sound that increases with engine speed
→ A loose component in the intake tract

Screeching that changes with engine speed
→ Worn or loose drive belts

Pinging under acceleration
→ Ignition timing off and/or not enough high-octane fuel

Engin roaring sound (in a bad way)
→ Exhaust leak

Screaming from the front of engine
→ Worn coolant pump

Ticking from the rear of car
→ Electric fuel pump issues

Bad bearing/rattling sound that goes away when the transmission is in neutral and the clutch pedal is depressed
→ Worn input shaft bearing

Whirring that changes with car speed as well as side-to-side suspension loading
→ Bad wheel bearing

Whirring that changes with car speed
→ Tire issue

Squeaking or groaning over bumps
→ Dry or worn anti-roll bar bushings or suspension bushings

Clanking from underneath over bumps
→ Loose suspension components or worn suspensions bushings

Clanking, hollow sound from underneath over bumps
→ Loose exhaust system

Scraping or ticking sound that changes with car speed
→ Worn brake pads

Screaming from the passenger seat
→ Driving too fast or erratically

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