Classic Motorsports Classies: Readers' Choice Awards

Classic Motorsports Classies

Have an opinion about who makes the best parts, hosts the best events, or delivers the best customer service? Tell us!

Now introducing the Classies, our own readers’ choice awards. Voting is easy: Just click the buttons below and cast your ballots. Can you nominate your own favorites? Of course, but be sure to come back and vote for your nomination once it's approved by our staff.

We’re looking to find the best across the board, from the best clubs and events to your favorite cars and online communities, so there are lots of categories. Most undervalued car? Top prep shop? Best sports car? Number-one race driver of all time? We want to hear all about those things, too.

We’ll share the results in the cover story of our January 2019 issue of Classic Motorsports. Time to get thinking, campaigning and, of course, voting.

Best Large Club (More Than 500 Members)

BMW CCA or Porsche Club of America? Neither of those? Nomination and voting is open now.

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Best Large Club Publication (Over 500 Members)

Pick the best large club publication.

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Best Small Club (Less Than 500 Members)

What's the best small car club? Nominate and vote for your favorite now!

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Best Small Club Publication (Under 500 Members)

Does your club have an awesome newsletter? This is your chance to tell the world!

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Best Sanctioning Body

Your chance to answer the age-old question: What's the best sanctioning body?

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Best Facebook Group

Have a group that you know is the best on the internet? Share it here.

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Best Club Website

Does your club focus on old cars, but still have an awesome website? Tell us about it.

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Best Online Community

Vote for the best place to hang out on the internet.

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Best Parts Supplier

Where do you buy your parts? Vote for the best source!

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Best Rally or Tour

Once a niche hobby, classic car rallies are now a mainstream phenomenon. What's your favorite?

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Best Vintage Race

Vintage racing is bigger than its ever been, and we want to hear about your favorite race.

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Best Concours

Who doesn't love beautiful cars and beautiful venues? Share your favorites!

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Best Oils

Everybody needs it, and everybody has a strong opinion about which is best: What's yours?

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Best Race Prep Shop

Know who builds the fastest cars? Tell us!

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Best Engine Builder

Know who builds the best engines? Tell us!

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Best Car Book

What's your favorite read?

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Best Reincarnation or Replica

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, rare cars from the past can now be built in any home garage. What's your favorite?

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Best Classic Car Dealer

Where do you go to buy your classics?

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Best Classic Car Marketplace

Carlisle swap meets? eBay? Tell us the best classic car marketplace.

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Best International Event

Classic cars aren't just an American phenomenon. What's the best event overseas?

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Best Race Car of All Time

From the earliest Indy cars to the latest prototypes, what's the best race car of all time?

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Best Driving Road

Where do you dream of driving?

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Most Undervalued Car

Everybody knows what's worth a million bucks, but what cars should be?

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Best Tool Supplier

Tools make the impossible possible–which are your favorite?

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Best Insurance Provider

Like it or not, the world is full of risk. Tell us which companies manage it best.

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Best Modern Classic (Post-1990)

1990 was nearly 30 years ago, leaving plenty of time for the next generation of classics. What's your pick?

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Best Classic Car Tires

They're round, black, and the most important part of your car. Tell us your favorite!

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Best Racing Driver

Who's your favorite driver?

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Best Car Movie

Some of the best movies featured cars as their main character. What's your favorite?

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Best Transportation Company

You can't drive your car everywhere. Who do you trust to transport it?

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Best Race Track

What's your favorite track?

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Best Sports Car

Heel-toe downshifts, glorious exhaust notes, and a perfectly-weighted steering wheel: What's the best sports car?

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Best Car Care Products

What do you use to keep your car looking its best?

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Best Club Convention

Is your club's party the best around?

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Most Innovative Product

Tell us which product rocked your world.

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