Classic Motorsports Classies: Readers' Choice Awards

Classic Motorsports Classies

Have an opinion about who makes the best parts, hosts the best events, or delivers the best customer service? Tell us!

Now introducing the Classies, our own readers’ choice awards. Voting is easy: Just click the buttons below and cast your ballots. Can you nominate your own favorites? Of course, but be sure to come back and vote for your nomination once it's approved by our staff.

We’re looking to find the best across the board, from the best clubs and events to your favorite cars and online communities, so there are lots of categories. Most undervalued car? Top prep shop? Best sports car? Number-one race driver of all time? We want to hear all about those things, too.

We’ll share the results in the cover story of our January 2019 issue of Classic Motorsports. Time to get thinking, campaigning and, of course, voting. Hurry, though: Voting ends September 14.

Voting for the Classies has ended.

Want to see the results? We'll have them all in the January 2019 issue of Classic Motorsports.
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