Pennintj New Reader
1/31/12 6:04 p.m.

Clearing some of the "Big" stuff out of my garage so I can clear up some room.

1981 Volkswagen "Caddy" project. Bought it a few years ago, found out the wiring harness was a mess and pulled it, then pulled the carpet, dash, etc. Has most of an "Ez-Wiring Harness with the micro blade fuses installed ($250) as well as a rebuilt alternator, a pair of "good" (one new) tail lights ($$$) and one new cheap tire since the old one was showing the cords.

Originally an LX Diesel, it now has some misc 1.5/1.6L gas engine installed. I never bothered to figure out which one, since the goal was to find a wreck & swap the drivetrain. It has points ignition if that tells you anything.

I used to "hotwire" it and drive around the block, but eventually just stopped & put it away. Now I need some room.

Hood and driver's side fender (wrong color Grey) are in the garage. I'll throw in a later Cabriolet dash with "most" of the buttons & radio still intact (I think I left a few in the yard) as well as the cassette shift console (minus the gauges) as well as anything else that might fit in the bed VW related :)

Price is $700OBO (I'm mildly motivated, but not desperate) Located in New Orleans, LA. Will help with shipping, but prefer you pick up.

Send email: Pennint(at)

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