volvoclearinghouse Reader
3/29/13 9:38 a.m.

Moving and thinning the herd...Private message or reply to the CL ad if interested. I've had this car for about 7 years, drove it fairly regularly until about 3 years ago when 3rd gear dropped out. The shifter will move into the 3rd gear position, but no gear engages. I checked the linkage, it's fine- it's an internal trans problem. 1,2, and 4 all work fine. The car comes with a spare, good 4 speed trans from another 240D, and one spare, rust-free fender. Other than the front fender lower wing rust, the car is solid and straight, though it needs a good paint job. I can honestly say I never got less than 28 mpg with this car even in the worst city driving, and routinely averaged 30 on most trips. One highway jaunt saw 33 mpg on Shell Diesel, a feat that I never could repeat.

The interior is nice, save for the lack of carpets, but as a bonus you can see the floorboards are clean and rust-free. Carpet kits aren't too hard to come by. I have a set of tan ones you can have, though they won't match the rest of the black interior. The A/C worked when I last drove it, as did all the other power accessories save for the cruise, which apparently never works on these cars. The tires hold air, but are at least 7 years old. :-/

I'll take 800 for the car, spare trans, fender, and floor mats if you want them. The car won't start currently- the fuel system probably needs to be flushed and primed- though it does crank and roll.

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