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6/14/14 6:39 a.m.

1987 Honda CRX Si Pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/VMBTZ They show the good, the bad, and the ugly, but not all the extras.

B20B engine, resleeved by Golden Eagle and over bored to 85mm. JE Pistons, custom Crower connecting rods, B17 crankshaft. Engine has a 1.75 rod/stroke ratio and about a 10:1 compression ratio. Rotating assembly balanced, too. Oil dipstick tube isn’t exactly fitted to the block but it won’t go anywhere.

B18C5 cylinder head, Crower Stage 2 cams, milled just a bit (I honestly forget how much), adjustable cam gears, standard sized Crower valves, titanium retainers, headwork by Joe Alaniz many, many years ago. Some kind of intake manifold (allegedly a Skunk2 I got from eBay but there are no identifying marks on it), stock (for the cylinder head) exhaust manifold.

Electronics are all electronic advance OBD0. VTEC doesn’t quite work, but I think it’s just because I never got the engine computer tuned correctly enough for it. It’s based off of TurboEdit so all you need to do is play around with the engine tune on that program and load it onto the memory chip in the computer. The car runs and drives, but it definitely needs a finer tune to reach its full potential.

Transmission is an A1 transmission, I do not believe it has an LSD. There is a Clutchmasters lightweight aluminum flywheel and stage 3 clutch in there as well. Axles by Raxles.

I always said that I expected to get some 200+HP out of the car. The times I have driven this, it’s been an absolute BLAST. This car knows how to boogie.

Exhaust system consists of a high flow catalytic converter and Moroso Spiralflow taking the place of a resonator and a Thermal R&D muffler. 2.5” the whole way through. Did much of the work myself… which means it is not pretty but it is functional.

Suspension. Front torsion bars if I recall correctly are 21-23mm, adjustable coil overs in the rear (I believe they were 200lb springs? Maybe 250?) with Tokico Illuminas all around. There’s also an adjustable panhard rod and a Jackson Racing sway bar in the rear. The front does not have a sway bar on it right now, however I do have the matching Jackson Racing front sway bar.

Brakes & wheels: Old school Fastbrakes big brake 15” fronts with 1995 Civic calipers and slotted rotors. Rears are 1987 Integra disc brake conversion, using 1990-91 CRX emergency brake cables. Simple standard Honda 15” steelies with Sumitomo HTR4 tires. The fronts also have H&R wheel spacers and longer lug studs to work with the Fastbrakes kit. Stainless steel lines all around. I honestly forget what pads are in there, but they still have meat on them.

The body is the roughest part of the car, though it has some good points. The rust is the biggest problem, mainly by the front jack points. Nothing structural as far as I can see, but still in need of work. I did some pretty lousy stopgap welding on the front to get the front fenders on.

The hood is a one piece carbon fiber hood from a Red Pepper Racing group buy. Obviously, by the pictures you can see I started putting on the Houseman Mugen body kit, front and rear fenders. Front fenders don’t quite line up with the one piece hood but that’s not an impossible alteration. I already had another body kit for the side skirts and bumpers, and I was going to use them. Someone knowledgable in bodywork can make it all work well together nicely. The CRX center panel on the rear has one of the four bolts cracked, but nothing I don’t think some gorilla glue couldn’t fix. The garnish around the windshield wipers is gone, that might be tough to replace, but not impossible. The wipers don’t want to work right now for some reason. Not totally sure why. Sunroof works, and has a Honda visor on there. All the wiring is there for fog lights, including a factory fog lights switch. I'll include a pair of fog lights with the mounting brackets, all working well.

Inside, the driver seat is an adjustable (faded) black cloth Recaro Sparco and the passenger side is from a European CRX. Unfortunately, I bought a European ‘passenger’ seat, which would be a US driver side seat, so the handle is kind of a pain to get to. Steering wheel is also an EDM CRX steering wheel, and the gauge cluster is EDM as well. A Nordskog oil pressure gauge is mounted to the left side of the dash cowl. The rear carpeting is long gone, as is the cargo box.

Audio-wise, there is an eclipse head unit and mostly-working amplifier. 3 of the 4 speakers work, I think that’s the amplifier’s doing, and they still sound pretty nice. The battery has been relocated to behind the passenger seat, and is mounted to a nice thick steel plate welded to the car. It’s not going anywhere. It’s also all of about a half year old. Also, there is an automatic retracting antenna for the radio. Just needs some WD40 ever now and then to keep it nice and lubed up.

Not in those pictures is the center console garnish or the dashboard storage box, both of which I do have. Although the cables look pretty ugly, I can guarantee that they do all fit underneath the carpeting.

Also included will be a new headliner, new front carpeting, and trim for the A pillars. I have some fresh spark plugs and a can of bondo that I can throw in as well.

I have to sell the car for a combination of financial and changing life situation reasons, (long story) and I figure if this can help give someone a good platform for a $2014 or $2015 challenge car, I’d love to help them out. This also gives me hope that someone will do what I couldn’t do with this project car of mine: Make a really awesome CRX that can boogie like no tomorrow. The car is located in Staten Island, NY, and runs and drives though I haven’t driven it long distances since getting the body panels on. I’m asking about $1500 but it’s negotiable. PM me if you’re interested.

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