White_and_Nerdy New Reader
9/22/09 9:44 a.m.


1989 Honda Civic wagon RT4WD (yes, that's an all wheel drive Civic!) stock D16A6 motor (same as an Si!) 4-speed automatic. 189k miles.

Mods or work since I got it in March 2008: A couple of rounds of rust repair, mainly in the rear wheel arches (what do you expect, it's a Civic in the snowbelt!) New battery. New alternator. New starter. New front passenger side axle, axle seal, fresh transmission fluid. New timing belt and water pump at 165k, fresh coolant. New front brake pads, less than 1k miles on them. Replaced driver's door window regulator. Added optional OEM rear speaker pods. Added fog lights in OEM bumper location. Added Mini Cooper S hood stripes! Easily removable if you wish. 1st gen Honda CRX alloys with no-name Mastercraft all-season tires. Inspected through March 2010. NICE COLD AC! For real!

The bad: Rust. It's a 20 year old Civic - it's got some. We've done some repairs. Not all are pretty, but they get the job done. Will also include the rest of my matching rattle can touch-up paint. In cold weather, sometimes the transmission is slow going into reverse. It's been like that since I got the car, and it hasn't gotten any worse. Sometimes the transmission likes to skip 2nd gear. Don't know why. It'll always go into 2nd if I drop the shifter into 2, though. The outer bolster of the driver's seat is worn and leaked foam. That's the real reason I added the faux sport seat covers - to contain it. A few holes in the dash and center console from equipment I've mounted there (XM radio, GPS, ham radio). I will cap the hole in the roof my ham radio antenna would leave behind when I remove it. Factory AM/FM radio. I swapped the CD player to my Miata. The radio only drives the front two speakers (inexpensive Sonys). I'll include the wiring harness so you can install an aftermarket stereo of your choice and plug it into the factory wiring, which DOES drive all four speakers.

All in all it's been a great reliable go anywhere in any weather carrying darn near anything car, while getting nearly 30mpg - try THAT in your SUV! I've driven it daily in winter, and my girlfriend's been driving it daily this summer because she likes it better than her Highlander. $1200 takes it away.

We're located in Augusta, Maine.

haunter New Reader
9/25/09 4:03 p.m.

so. far. away.

this would be perfect for my wife this winter, so she doesnt wreck our new car that we got when she wrecked her old car last winter

White_and_Nerdy New Reader
9/27/09 2:15 p.m.

Yeah, you are kind of far, unfortunately. Any offer to meet partway wouldn't really make much of a dent in your trip.

haunter New Reader
9/30/09 9:17 a.m.

yeah..........I dont have the time to take a vacation and drive it home either!

White_and_Nerdy New Reader
10/3/09 5:47 p.m.

Bump - price drop, $995!

mtn SuperDork
10/3/09 7:35 p.m.

So far away...

VanillaSky Reader
10/4/09 11:15 a.m.

Shame you're so far away. I'd buy it for the wheels. I really want a set of phone dials for my 89 Accord.

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