AC8GE None
8/31/14 9:56 p.m.

Save this great car from the scrap yard!

Purchased in 2011 with 120k miles from local Honda Shop, the car has led an easy life. The original owner, as the story goes, was an employee at the Dealership. It developed a gas leak and was put up for sale on their back lot. I repaired the gas leak and my wife drove it for a couple years. It was parked in the fall of 2013 with 148k miles on it when we bought my wife a 2006 Honda Element. Having two drivers and four cars is a bit much so we have decided to sell one.

Of course all old cars have things that make them "unique." This one is no different. That is why I wanted to offer it for a Chump car or a $2014/$2015 competition car. I also have extra spare parts that I am including since this is my last Accord of this body style I expect to own (I have had three total).

We started shopping for a new car after throwing money at this one for the two years since buying it. We realized it needed a full suspension bushing set to stop eating tires after replacing everything else that we could. I do not have access to a press at this time so the labor to have them installed was going to be more than we were willing to pay at the time. We ended up purchasing the new car which had AWD that has greatly helped in the winter and is now our family vehicle.

I would like to see the car put to good use and am offering it here first before I take it to the local pull-a-part. I don't feel that I can just sell this to someone off the street who may not understand the minor tricks that are needed to safely drive this car year round. It would make for a great first car for someone after the brakes are addressed. We just got tired of buying tires all the time and keeping power steering fluid with us.

The Good

  • K&N Filter - pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out.
  • Installed new Fuel Filler Neck and Tank mounted Hard Lines at 124,778 mi., April 2012 - OEM
  • Changed transmission fluid at 126,299 mi., May 2012
  • Installed new Front Strut Packs at 126,741 mi., May 2012 - parts from NAPA
  • Installed new Front Brake Pads at 128,531 mi., July 2012 - NAPA Silver Ceramic pads
  • Installed new Front Upper Ball Joints at 131,284 mi., September 2012 - parts from NAPA
  • Installed new Spark Plugs and Valve Cover Gaskets at 134,957 mi., December 2012
  • Replaced PGMFI relay at 143,034 mi., June 2013 - OEM part pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out
  • Last Oil Change 143,034 mi., June 2013
  • Installed new Rear Strut Packs at 144,150 mi., July 2013 - parts from NAPA
  • New Muffler at 145k mi., August 2013 - local muffler shop

The Bad

  • Power Steering pressure line seeps fluid at metal to rubber transition fitting near PS pump - needs watched and topped off on occasion.
  • small exhaust leak in b-pipe
  • Brake Master Cylinder seals create a soft pedal on hot summer days - This is a common issue with this generation of Accord. While stopped at a stop sign or light, pedal will slowly go to floor when acting up. Pumping brakes at that time resolves the issue but if not used to it, feeling is quite unnerving.
  • Suspension Bushings seem to be shot. After replacing all listed suspension components and getting a fresh alignment, car still chews through tires. (This is the #1 reason we bought my wife a new car BTW.)


  • Brake Master Cylinder - junk yard pull, unknown condition
  • Smoke Sun Roof air deflector - minor scratches - OEM part pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out (car already has one installed)
  • Starter for Manual Transmission car - Nippon Denso style - Pulled working with 2years, 5 months and 29,468 mi. of use - NAPA part pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out - LLT warranty (not transferable)
  • complete Distributor with Cap - Pulled working with 10 months and 7,630 mi. of use - NAPA brand pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out
  • Spark Plug Wires - Pulled with 12 months and 10,527 miles - Advanced Auto Parts - part pulled from personal 1991 Honda Accord EX previously parted out
  • 4 (I think) Extra Wheel center cap covers
  • 2 spare OEM aluminum rims (matching the four on the car) with good snow tires installed - From this car, used only one winter.

We are asking $500 for the car, as is. The car can be driven as it sits and was last driven about a month ago. It has 148,188 mi. on it as of today. It starts and runs fine. I pulled the battery from the car for another project but can put it back in for an additional $25, if needed. I also have the Honda OEM repair manuals for the 1991 Accord available for an additional $25. There is a photo of the car in the garage listing under my profile. More photos are available upon request, including photos of the spare parts.

The car is located 10 mi. outside of Sugarcreek, Ohio (around 40 minutes south of Canton, Ohio).

Lets make a deal so I can see the car featured in GRM as it is brought to glory on the race track!

beans Dork
9/1/14 12:58 a.m.

Sounds like a booster issue, not the BMC. Very tempting. Rust? I'd love to see more pics.

AC8GE New Reader
9/1/14 5:21 p.m.

Hi Beans. The car does have the beginnings of the typical Honda rust at the rear bumper/wheel well transition that is very common on this generation of car. The paint was just starting to bubble when we purchased the car and has since rusted through, but not terribly. The bumper is firmly mounted and there does not seem to be any other worthwhile areas of rust to speak of. All of the Jack Points are intact and last I checked the truck floor inside he fender wells was intact and in good condition.

Since I am unable to direct message at this time (forum rules apparently), please email me directly at and include something in the subject line to grab my attention that it is from you. I can send more pictures via email and we can also exchange phone numbers. I will add a side shot of the car to the cars garage profile on the website.

Thanks for the inquiry. Please ask more questions if you have them.

AC8GE New Reader
9/14/14 11:14 a.m.


Car is still available. If anyone knows of an easy way to add additional photos in that would be great also. I do not have a way to host online that I know of without creating a craigslist ad.

Thanks, Robert

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