Rexpelagi None
5/11/10 10:33 a.m.

These parts may be a bit too much to work into a 2010 buildup but I figured I'd post them here. I had the engine and transmission in my 1989 RX-7 but the LT1 spun the rod bearing on #6. The crank will need to be turned and may need replaced. Anyway, I have other parts available too. Take a look:

I would like to have these items picked up. The engine will have to be picked up most likely. For the others I can probably meet you within a reasonable distance. I am located in Canton, Ohio.

Before I sell any other components I would like to sell the engine core first. It is a 1993 LT1 5.7L from a Trans Am with approximately 123,xxx on the engine. The engine is complete with iron heads (put on before me apparently from a B-body car). I also have the 1993 PCM and the harness. The PCM is chipped from PCMforless. The harness is mostly intact but some wires that were relevant to the swap were cut or altered. The PCM is from a 6 speed car. Before I sell any of the other components I want to sell the engine first. All prices are open to offers, and I am willing to work on pricing with the purchase of multiple components.

I’d like to sell the engine, the PCM and the harness as a unit. For this I would like to get $350.

Once the engine, PCM and harness are sold I will sell the other components. Unless otherwise noted all components have less than 3000 miles on them (total mileage since the swap).

OEM clutch, OEM pressure plate, RAM aluminum flywheel. There are no signs of heat scoring. ~1000 new - asking $600 for the set.

Powerbastards 200 Amp Alternator. ~$275 new, asking $200.

CSR electric water pump and OEM housing. $180 new, asking $125.

Summit Racing Optispark I (non-vented, spline drive). $250 new, asking $180.

I also have ported aluminum LT1 heads (flow numbers are before a valve job and some additional exhaust porting, all performed before I bought them), titanium retainers, 10 deg locks, and 3/8 studs with guideplates. The intake volume is 197 cc and the exhaust side is 62 cc. The springs are good up to .600 lift for a hydraulic roller cam. I bought the heads already in this condition but never installed them. I also have an LT1 intake that is port-matched and can accept a 58mm throttle body. I’d like to sell them as a set.

Lift Intake Exhaust 0.200 127.5 95.0 0.300 186.2 128.1 0.400 231.0 151.1 0.500 251.7 171.5 0.600 255.2 181.7 0.700 258.0 186.8

Asking $900 for the heads and intake as a set.

I also have a used NX wet nitrous kit that I never installed. It is a basic kit with a bottle, relay, solenoids, and lines. The bottle was full when I bought it so it should still be full. I will sell this before the engine is sold but since the bottle is full it can't be shipped.

Asking $350 for the nitrous.

Finally I have the T-56 transmission that came with the engine. The transmission will be sold without the bellhousing. I believe it has some miles but I never noticed a grind in the transmission. Asking $900.

If you have any questions or would like to view some of the parts feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!

Rexpelagi New Reader
5/16/10 6:24 p.m.

Now asking $350 for the engine, PCM and harness.

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