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6/17/13 9:56 a.m.

$2000 for GRM'ers!

Pictures can be seen in CL post and here.

Picked this up about 3 months ago and I love it, just found another Accord I want that's newer. The car is quiet, smooth, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage. Autocrossed once.

'97 Accord LX Coupe


190K(will continue to climb, quickly, I drive 400+ miles a week)

11.1 inch Prelude Vtec Rotor over hub conversion with V6/ITR calipers, new rear brake shoes

05-06 RSX Type-S muffler, new cat-back piping and resonator, ceramic painted. I have almost $400 into this alone. Looks great, sounds great, very quiet.

Intake resonator removed, stock piping and airbox there with new paper filter.

Cleaned EGR plate and injectors, Valve probably needs cleaned, too. Trips CEL for this sometimes.

Valvecover gasket replaced, when removed, underneath looks VERY nice

30mpg combined, easy(mostly highway). Strictly highway I've seen 35. Strictly city is about 25

CLEAN rear quarters, no rust, rubber strips removed

15inch steelies with 185/65/15 All-seasons all the way around, 80% tread life left on front, 60% rears(BFG's up front, Bridgestone's in the rear)

Progress rear 22mm sway bar. Really tightened up the handling.

Recent timing belt change, within 30K(belt looks good, no wear).Car runs VERY well and the engine looks like it's had a ton of maintenance done on it recently.

Flaws: Basically, replace the trunk. I can find these in junkyards all day long without a spoiler(same with the front fenders), but I don't have the time to go take them off, prep, and paint them. Probably $500 in total.

-Rust on trunk, some starting to form on the bottom and moulding of the driver door. You can't even really tell of the rust on the door unless you get up close. I didn't notice it until when I was washing it. Rust on trunk leaves a discoloration trail from water on the bumper, cleans up really easy with some 3M rubbing compound/wax.

-Botched spoiler install from whomever. I removed the spoiler and saw that someone totally sucks at drilling holes and wiring. Definitely a backyard job. Spoiler included with the sale.

-Both front fenders dented, driver side is just above tire, passenger side is just behind turn signal

-Body needs a good buff, whoever attempted it previously striped the E36 M3 out of it and definitely didn't know what they were doing. Looks a bit better now that I've clayed and waxed it. Roof has a ton of light scratches from what looks to be someone sliding a purse/something else over it. Would probably come out with a good buff.

-Passenger upper chrome door trim is all berkeleyed up from someone locking the keys inside at one time(not me), and prying the door open. Can be bought new from Honda and replaced pretty easily.

-A/C needs a recharge

-Shocks feel pretty worn, probably need to be replaced. Not floaty/bouncy, just not as 'firm' as they should be.

Can include some extras if interested.

Chris 720-989-5689

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