thefinker New Reader
11/27/13 7:17 p.m.

Hey guys and gals!

I'm selling my 1998 Jetta VR6. It's a five-speed with 141,000 miles on the odo. I originally bought it as a project car and immediately threw a set of H&R springs on it that really buttoned the car's handling down; however, the car quickly became my daily and everything else on it was left stock.

The thing is great. It's got a few dents and scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary for an almost 16-year-old car. With the exception of the shifter-head and steering wheel, which both show some wear, the interior looks practically new.

It's a two-owner rust-free California car, and is incredibly reliable. In fact, I recently drove it from California to South Florida with zero issues, while getting 28-30 mpg. I'd do it again too, though I may want to get the car's cruise control back in operation.

Besides cruise, everything else works perfectly. It's a GLX, so it's loaded in 1998 terms. This means sunroof, leather seating, in-dash computer, ABS. The check engine light is on for secondary air injection pump, but this in no way affects the way the car drives. I've reset the CEL before and it will go away for about 4 months at a time, so I think the pump itself is failing and not failed. As I said, it does not affect the way the car drives, though your conscious (and mother earth) will probably be grateful if it was replaced (and I've taken this into account in pricing the car at $2013).

If you're looking for a nice project car for the challenge or just for autocrossing, or need a reliable, inexpensive daily driver/spare car, this is it. And for only $2013! PM me for more info.

thefinker New Reader
12/3/13 1:14 p.m.

I move on Friday, and want to get rid of this bad boy by the end of the week (end of day Thursday). Obviously I'd like to see a higher ROI, but I took it to CarMax the other night and was unsurprisingly lowballed. Nevertheless I'd rather see it in the hands of an enthusiast, then at CarMax's auction block. If someone wants it at $1200, then it's yours for the taking.

Car's in the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale area. Come by, bring a cashier's check or cash, drive off in it (say what? $1200 for a car that absolutely does not need to be towed? And it's got a VR6?). Hell, if you're not too far, I'll even consider bringing the car to you if it helps. PM me for additional info.

teamsoy New Reader
12/4/13 11:08 p.m.

Can you email me pictures to

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