wrenchedexcess New Reader
5/28/13 11:20 a.m.

Need to cull the herd. 2001 GMC Sonoma extended cab pick up. 4.3 vortec V6 218 K on the odometer. price for challenge people $1k.

The good; Strong engine,does not burn oil. Oil changes every 2k miles for the life of the vehicle. Good interior, no rips in the seats or cracks in the dash. 3 years ago replaced the vortec injection, intake manifold gaskets (leaking coolant) water pump and power steering pump (reservoir rusted out) . A/C works good never had to charge it. Passed Ill. emissions 3 weeks ago. Bed liner in back.

The bad; The trans, the 2-3 shift is rough, been using Allison trans send transmission fluid, ( this is a heavy duty truck automatic trans fluid that will take a lot of abuse and is also what is keeping the trans running.) the fluid is toasted may get another 10k on the trans if lucky. The cat is shot (original), when secondary air pump goes into test mode it sets the check engine light. Which is how I get it through emissions. Reset everything until the secondary air pump test is run then take it through the emissions. There is rust at the base of the extended cab on both sides, The tin worm has been doing his work. The 3rd door will open but the handle is missing. Got tired of replacing the plastic handle. There is some body damage on the truck bed on both sides. Passenger side has a scrape and dented the fender well. (Hit and run in Walmart.) The drivers side, my wife sideswiped a pole at the local hot dog stand so there is a pretty good scrape there. Gas mileage is not the best, 15 in town and 23 on the highway, less if you are towing something. Lastly if it is not used much and it is raining or very humid, it is hard starting. Moisture builds up inside the distributor cap. This has been an issue for a few years. Once the weather dries up then it starts no problem. Common problem with these engines.

I am the original owner, purchased in December of 2001. Vehicle is in Lockport, Il. Cell phone number is (815) 258-7023 available from 10:00 a.m until 11:45 p.m M-F (work nights) Central standard time

Cash only, vehicle sold as is where is.

Kevin Sweeney "the Saturn guy"

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