mrvwcastner New Reader
12/15/13 1:15 a.m.

I'm building an Exocet & will be using my unwrecked well sorted 1990 white Miata with Beautiful body, flares, hard top & perfect interior with power windows. Car has 88,000 miles 0 rust. 1 of the cleanest around No BS.

Unfortunately the quarters are cut for the flares. Done very well just means not likely anyone wants to turn it into spec. Car has great paint (one section peeled by windshield like all the early white Miatas do as well as one section on the trunk). Both are about 2" x 1" ovals.

I would love to find a home for the body willing to let it go cheap to a good home. I can email photos. I'm hoping someone wants the tub & front fenders with flares for $500 picked up in Portland OR. I'm obviously going to sell hard top, complete interior, soft top, every other body panel, roll, bar,front & rear lips, tow hooks, flyin miata hitch... Etc..

email me at subject GRM Miata.

Sean Castner

SCARR Reader
12/16/13 6:04 a.m.

Damn you Atlanta... err, Oregon!!!! (would totally be interested in the tub...if you weren't a continent away.

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