neckromacr Reader
1/12/11 8:17 p.m.

My brother's project that got half way off the ground. Timing went on it, he goes off buys new turbo, pistons, gaskets, takes head off gets it reworked and gets bogged down on time to get it put back together. He has another car now and just wants to be rid of this thing.

He has title in hand.

Short block is installed in the car, the rest of the parts are inside the car.It will need to be towed away from Rockville, MD

Stock wheels have 80% Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S's on them. Not much for racing, but good for reselling to help your budget.

Model-T "Auug-ah!" horn adds to hilarity performance.

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Contact him at: or 301-646-2424

Or post here, I'll check it it occasionally and relay it onto him.

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