dan0 New Reader
4/3/13 9:42 p.m.

I have a bunch of parts left from a VW I parted out. Vehicle was a 98 Jetta. Looking for someone to take it all for a project or if they want to sell the parts off themselves.

$100 takes it all.

The big parts or stuff I can remember:

passenger side airbag headlights headliner working sunroof (frame+glass) all four doors, black, manual windows, relatively clean carpet (black) pedal cluster shifter box couple axleshafts gas tank pretty much all the interior trim pieces. temporary spare tire (looks like it's never been used.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It's been in my basement for over a year and just haven't had the motivation to sell it piece by piece.

dan0 New Reader
6/9/13 2:07 p.m.

bump. i really want this stuff gone. so now it's FREE (or a small donation to me if you'd like...)

*MR2 wheels are not free and the doors mentioned in the first post are gone. Just want this stuff gone because I want my house clean.

If you want the couch that all the stuff is on you can have it too.

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