AngryCorvair MegaDork
4/24/19 1:46 p.m.

Part in question is differential assembly with batwing, Dana 36 with 2.59:1 gears, from 1994 Corvette.

As of today, Wednesday 4/24/2019, checking eBay completed auctions (SOLD, not just expired) and sorting by most recent, there's a $450 and a $125.   average $287.50.

I'm going to use $287.50 as the FMV for self-trading this part.   IDK what i'm trading it for yet, but it will be something with similar FMV.   any well-reasoned objections to this FMV?

Robbie UltimaDork
4/24/19 9:06 p.m.

seems legit - but why the giant price difference? was one sale free shipping or something? remember that shipping would have to be factored OUT of the FMV of the part. 

GTXVette UltraDork
4/25/19 5:39 a.m.

 Funny I Have Two Here, 1,  I would sell Sell Cheap If You Pull it,  200 Maybe less, The Other I have  Freshend up,  450ish,  But It's in A challenge mobile and I would have to replace it.  So your Number is Fine . 

  This is from a Parts seller Perspective,   and Why I Wear Boots.

AngryCorvair MegaDork
4/25/19 11:49 a.m.

In reply to Robbie :

$450 was for a part that was removed 30 years ago at low mileage and has been sitting there collecting dust.   $125 was kinda greasy and over 100k miles.   Then there's a complete pig (ie no batwing) that sold for $224 and a couple of batwings that sold for $125 and $99.95.   i sanity-checked junkyard prices via and there are 3 listed:  $550, $400, and $call.  So I'm sticking with $287.50

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