Jerry UltraDork
5/9/16 6:03 a.m.

Craigy List

"FREE! 1971 Opel gt. was a daily driver four years ago. Motor blew a piston ring. Motor and manual trans out out of car. lots of rust. Attempted to restore but moved on, about 1/3 of the bad metal replaced. most of drivers side repaired with stainless. Drivers floor replaced stainless. Should have most parts but could be some missing. Windshield cracked. Seats cracked. Most electrical was good before motor failed. Tires almost new. All lights ok. Headlights used to flip. most of the interior parts are there. Have clear NJ title. Free to good home. Must remove soon or will junk. Serious project requires welding.Great for parts! "

Seen in Obscure Cars for Sale Facebook group, I thought it might catch someone's interest...

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