12/26/12 1:11 a.m.

Need to move on to greener pastures, this car has been a blast, but I need to part it out and buy myself a new place to live. Engine currently runs in the car, but the car is a heap, so im just parting it out. Engine comes out of a 98 Audi A4, but would be a great candidate for a swap into someones 80s or early 90s VW Also listed the head in here , because its attached to the motor and i'd love to sell it as a single unit! Also has a very nice big port cast intake manifold that can be included at extra cost!


Bottom End AEB code Block, bored 83mm with JE pistons (.080" over) ABA code crank for total displacement of 2008cc ARP Main Studs Scat Rods w/ ARP 2000 hardware Shaved oil pump shaft w/ lightweight gear Professionally balanced rotating assembly New timing belt kit! 200 miles $2012

Head Gasket matched AEB casting Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves Supertech Stainless Steel Intake Valves Supertech High rate springs and retainers Stock Cams w/ lightweight Cam gear 500 miles $1200

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