nocarwannaberacer New Reader
10/12/15 10:40 a.m.

Hey guys I have an iron cylinder head up for sale. The head seems to be in good condition, I never had it installed. I picked it up from a XR4TI forum group a couple of years ago. This was to be for a project that never happened. It's been sitting for a little while. I do have pic available for anyone who is interested. I'd rather deal with a local(NYC area) pick-up if possible.

Sil80redtop Reader
10/12/15 12:16 p.m.

I don't suppose you had it checked for cracks after receiving it?

nocarwannaberacer New Reader
10/12/15 2:16 p.m.

No. I would have had it checked but the car it was going on got sold; so the head is just sitting in its box.In reply to Sil80redtop:

akylekoz New Reader
10/13/15 11:11 a.m.

Will this be an upgrade to a 1989 mustang 2.3 head?

jimbbski Dork
10/13/15 11:29 a.m.

The turbo head is different as it has a unique shaped combustion chamber but the intake and exhaust ports are the same as a NA head for the same year/era.

The later heads that came on the Rangers were better. The intakes were positioned differently and they did come with dual plugs (I.E. 8 spark plugs) but you can just install a plug in one hole if you use one on your Mustang. You will also need the intake manifold to match the head due to the different intake port arrangement. They do flow better. The valve stems were reduced in diameter and the valve springs were the "Bee Hive" style. and the roller rockers went up in ratio. A good boost is to use an early roller cam with the later head and gain more valve lift using junk yard parts.

There is a ton of info on the net on what heads are best and what combo of parts will result in the most power. Using stock parts.

I built a 2.3L for a Lemons race team 3+ years ago and they now need it gone over and "improved" to remain competitive after winning class "B" twice. Lemons has decided that they are now class "A".

akylekoz New Reader
10/14/15 5:27 a.m.

Thanks for the info, our plan for now is to install a ranger roller cam, shave the head and do some porting. We are also running in Lemons, this little 2.3 is like a tractor motor, just keeps running, without enough power to hurt its self.

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