3/14/12 11:26 p.m.

Alot of this stuff is audi specific I'm also parting out an 80 quattro but I figured some one out there may be able to make use of it.

Package deal for efi stuff $750 OBO

Please feel free to make offers, I wont be offended, I need this stuff gone. Please pm for anything you need from the partout

CIS to EFI injector bungs-$30

5 RC engineering 370 cc injectors-$200

10vt wastegate $50

Intake Mani and TB

Loads of still good rubber intake boots for both 10vt and Stock engine.

MSD boost timing master model 5462 including wiring harness -$200

Haltech F3 ecu (rebadged as emtech) Including wiring harness ecu cable and temp sensor $350

10vt phenolic spacer unused $45

Mac 14 ECU and Ben Swann chip Will Seperate if I have to $275

2 01A trans both good $250ea

Mac 11 ecu $100

aluminum Fuel rail with mounts and braided fuel line and banjo fittings $75

boost guage fitted into dash heater vent $40

NEW in Box MC1 Pressure plate $100

Exhaust mani (small crack but no audible or noticeable leak) $50

K26 turbo (in spec) $50

Control arms (Stamped and cast)

MC1 long block (freshened up, 10k ago fresh timing belt et all)

Several wastegates, a couple are adjustable.

Plus a full part out of the 80 quattro

AJ 208-850-0048

Knurled Dork
3/15/12 12:55 p.m.

What's going on?

mr_aj_johnson New Reader
3/15/12 3:15 p.m.

My daily driver audi 80 lit itself on fire. So the nicer ECU and go fast goodies from that car are replacing the ones on the rally car. Plus I figured it was a good time to get rid of other crap on the shelves in my garage.

The fire started in the factory fuse box and would require a complete rewire to be brought back to life. Not to mention what the fire dept did to the hood and front fender. Luckily it was contained very well and all the fun bits were on the other side of the engine bay and in the cabin.

Knurled Dork
3/15/12 9:33 p.m.


Do you have the wastegate spring to go with the MAC-14? The Ben Swann 17psi setup one of the last pieces of the puzzle for my MC2 engine swap. That and the ur-Q downpipe.

I mean, I could put the engine in with the stock computer, but then it's just stock...

mr_aj_johnson New Reader
3/16/12 1:14 a.m.

In reply to Knurled:

Yes, I have the last wastegate spring from ben swann's shelf of goodies... give me a call at 208-850-oh oh 4 eight and talk me into letting it go. I'll be available anytime after noon tomorrow and through the weekend.

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