LordTurbonia Reader
7/8/11 5:32 p.m.

So I got a 1966 Triumph 2000. After I rebuilt the fuel pump things seem to be working OK, but of course I would love to go and ruin all that with some crazy.

The car itself is open to trades for more conventional LBCs, namely a Spit or Spridget. I'm in Memphis, so if you're in the Delta region and want a British car nobody has ever seen before (800 imported to US . . . So rare the model doesn't even show up in the DMV/motor vehicle database!) I'd be more than happy to entertain any ratty yet mechanically sound Spit or Spridget with minimal rust in trade for a ratty yet mechanically sound 2000 with minimal rust. PM me for details.

Failing that (and frankly, I'd rather not part with it; the whole thing is much less daunting now that I have discovered Rimmer Bros.) I have some odds and ends that I would like to trade for other odds and ends, with some cash thrown in on my side.

I have (leftover from the Merkur):

1 WC T5 trans from a Thuderbrid Turbo Coupe Ranger roller cam and followers for 2.3 roller cam swap

I'd like:

A Land Rover 4.6 long block suitable for top hat liners A rebuildable ZF HP22 auto trans Your mom

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