68TR250 New Reader
6/21/14 3:52 p.m.

Good day guys and gals. I have a herd of Triumph Stags on ebay. It ends on Monday so have a look. They are located in Zebulon, GA - about half way between ATL and Macon.

Ebay item # 111383675571 - still haven't figured out how to post a picture but there are plenty on ebay.

Two Triumph Stag package deal. Not interested in parting out. Be sure to read the extra parts list below. Lost interest and has become a dreaded stalled project. I've had the '71 since 1994 and it has always been garaged.


Stag 1: Very early ’71. Set up for a TR6 engine / trans ( not included ). The '71 is a very low numbered car - read that early. Has a vinyl covered hard top but does not have a soft top or soft top frame. Does have rust but could be brought back or used for parts.

Stag 2: ’72. Has the hardtop and soft top. Has a GM 350 crate engine. The motor has about 5-6K miles on the motor when it was used in a church camp pickup truck that was never registered for the street. Has a TH350 trans with 0 miles on a fresh professional rebuild. Has a C2 cast iron Corvette differential. I believe the diff has a 270 ratio. Has a remote oil filter and a trick trans oil cooler from Speedway motors. Holley 4160 650cm carb with 0 miles on the fresh rebuild. Has a new water pump. Has a professionally rebuilt Holley red fuel pump. Has a new HEI distributor and coil. Battery is mounted in the trunk. Body is pretty good except for the right rear fender that was hit by a truck. It is not real straight. Interior is OK but far from perfect. New universal seatbelts are not mounted. I do have the bumpers but they are not mounted. I do have the door panels but they are not mounted.

Bad stuff: The ’72 has the bad fender mentioned above and a rust hole on the right front fender under the battery. The left side needs an exhaust manifold. I had made a header that worked but then I wanted to improve on it. A buddy with a similar set up in his Stag put a cast iron manifold from a ‘80’s GMC van that works. The brake master cylinder needs to be replaced. I have a brake master and power brake from a S10 that I was going to modify to work. There is no radio but I do have the radio insert set up so you can mount a radio in the dash. The '71 has rust but could be brought back.

Extra parts included: Tan interior pieces – seats and door panels etc – rear seat has the typical sun damage. 7 chrome wire wheels w/ adaptors and hex center mounts. Included are two sets of original factory alloy wheels. Extra headlights. All together there are 3 center sections of the front grill and two complete front grills. 1 is on the '71.

wbjones UltimaDork
6/21/14 6:21 p.m.

calling aussiesmg

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