hobiercr Reader
5/17/11 8:22 p.m.

Good challenge starter... Not mine.

1977 TR7 on Ebay

I have too many cars, this one has to go. I bought this '77 TR-7 with the intentions of making a lightweight drag car, with a 289 Ford and some nitrous, but the 289 is going into our Ranger instead. First, about the car. There IS an open Michigan transferable, ready for the new owner. The car has been gutted to it's bare essentials, but I will list the things that remain. It is still a wealth of body parts, plus a complete original rearend. The car is a nice rolling chassis. It still has: all glass, except the aftermarket sunroof. It has been removed, we were going to weld the hole up. It has all 5 matching wheels, with tires that hold air, it has a steering rack, column guts and the entire original rearend, with third member, and brakes on all 4. No master cylinder, I was going to use a Wilwood. The door glass is out of the car, but included with the car. The hood and trunk are very nice, and worth the price of the car to a restorer. There are no latches in the doors, they are gutted and held shut with a ratcheting strap. I will include the ratchet strap. ;) Wiper mechanisms included, pop-up headlights are all there. This would make a brutally fast and light drag car, even with a mild small block. The car is CRAZY light. I can pick up the front of the car by myself. There is also VERY LITTLE rust, and it is fairly straight. I hate to abandon this project, but we have a '63 Galaxie to restore, a '69 Torino Drag Car project that takes priority over this, and an '84 Ranger that's getting the 289 that was going into this car. The Ranger and Torino have been in the family a long time, which is why they take priority over the Triumph. Sorry if I have rambled on a bit, just wanted the new owner to know what my intentions and direction were. If you are wondering if there is something I have not mentioned, included or not included, please ask. We are motivated to get some much needed space back, and will entertain reasonable offers. Please inspect the many pictures provided, and I will be more than happy to show you the car in person. This car is RELISTED due to a non payer. If you can't pay or pick it up, please don't bid. Ask your wife first! If you have any questions, just email through the site. The car is being stored in my garage out of the weather right now. Thanks for looking!
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