greyone New Reader
4/11/10 12:59 p.m.

Spring cleaning time. This is a bunch of Triumph parts left over from more than one project. It's a big pile that contains Almost a whole 70 GT6, no motor , tranny or rear, but everything else, including a Fl. title A whole rolling early Spitfire chassis Complete motor and tranny for above chassis, Has carbs , generator etc, it's a part but stock bore, rebuildable, its a MK2 Whole rebuilt front suspension for a 79 Spitfire. Guages, dash stuff, alot of wheels and lugnuts. NEW gt6 floor pans and valance Bring a truck, I'm asking $400. for all of it but if you have an old street bike that runs or may possibley run, I'm trading. I'm sure someone out there has too much room, or too much money?????or an unexplainable love for Triumph stuff! I have pictures if you need them, can't seem to post them. I'm near Daytona Beach Fl.

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