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All parts are good usable “used” race parts. There will be some scratches and dings that have no effect on the function. As such they are target priced at ~50% of new with a few exceptions. Price is negotiable. Details and photos on specific items available on request. PM or e-mail. Thanks for looking.


• 4.55/4.22 Diff with TranX. 2 diffs set up with 1 Tran-x ready to run. $1200 • 4.88 Diff with Tran-X. Set up ready to run. $1100 • 4.55 Welded diff $200 • 4.88 Welded diff $300 • Dog Box Transmission with Saab annular t/o brg $4500 o Wheeler origination with Taylor improvements to layshaft rear bearing, Taylor shift rods and Haynes front seal modification • Toyota conversion gear reduction starter $125 • “A” Series aluminum crank pulley; reduced diameter to reduce rotating mass and slow water pump speed. $125. • Total water pump pulley set including aluminum crank pulley, water pump, larger water pump pulley, belt, front cover with correct timing mark, Electromotive crank trigger wheel. $300 • Adjustable aluminum crank trigger pickup bracket for 3/8” pickup. $40 • Tubular Pushrods $35/set. Various lengths available

948 Parts

• Std-Std Billet Crank $1200 • Carrillo rods with pins $800 • #642 Taber head with valves, competition springs, retainers and intake manifold $1200 • 1.5:1 Titan full roller rockers $500 • Taber HL9B cam with lifters $150 • Wet sump oil pan with full kickout, screen, scraper, and pickup. This pan saves horsepower. Claims of 3% are common. My design and build. $150 • ARP studs and nuts 9 with 4 rock studs $50 • Through bore 1.25” Taber Carbs with Haynes false bridge and short stacks $350 • Taber 3 into 1 header with through tunnel exhaust, directionally adjustable megaphone and optional muffler. Ceramic coated $500 • Tilton 5.5" pressure plate, clutch and lightweight steel flywheel $500 • Tilton 7.25 pressure plate, clutch and lightweight steel flywheel $500

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