thepope540 Reader
5/29/17 7:39 a.m.

We've got 6 cars for 2 drivers, its time to clear the driveway. We bought the car 2-3 years ago and it has served us really well but our family of 5 is pretty tight in it so it isn't getting driven much.

The Good:

It runs and drives like new - its fun, quick, and has been very reliable. New tires in the fall (less than a 1000 miles on them) New Pads and rotors last spring (less than 3000 miles on them) Cold AC and hot heat Bone stock

The Bad:

Rust starting in the quarters and the core support has seen better days. Has a coolant leak, but comes with a complete set of black molded silicone hoses (I really don't want to mess with it) The inner boots on both front axles are splitting and starting to throw grease. Cold starts will greet you with some piston slap.

Aero mods:

For context you should start with a bit of light reading. As you may know, the turbocharged awd market has used wings, canards, and vortex generators to increase downforce and ultimately produce faster and more capable cars. My wife, with the help of mother nature, was able to achieve the same effect with a much more subtle appearance. Some might call it hail damage, but the more informed call it drag force reduction dimpling. In all seriousness, my wife got caught in a gnarly hail storm and thankfully she was fine, but the car didn't fair so well. We have made an insurance claim against the hail damage, but opted not to fix it because we couldn't find a hood. The title is clear and we haven't received any notices from the state or insurance company that the car needs to be inspected or the title reclassified. There is however a chance that while transferring the title it could come up and the buyer may need to get it inspected in their state. I don't expect this to happen, but I want any potential buyer to know going in that they may end up with a salvage title and they may have to get the car inspected.

Google folder of images

Give me a call or text for more info or pics.

Tom 513-708-0995 Located on the West side of Cincinnati

clutchsmoke SuperDork
5/29/17 8:40 a.m.

Pictures no worky.

thepope540 Reader
5/29/17 9:56 a.m.

Pics moved to a link shared google folder. Hopefully they work, I'll be adding more this afternoon.

akylekoz Reader
5/30/17 11:07 a.m.

AAARRRRGGGG!!! I was looking for one of those, just not right now. Your not even that far away. I'll get you some day, you 20XX classifieds.

thepope540 Reader
6/10/17 9:22 a.m.

Bump - Someone come get this thing out of my driveway.

patgizz MegaDork
6/10/17 9:45 a.m.

The insurance thing was payout to repair. Otherwise you would have had to have the title branded salvage and sent copy to them to get paid. You should not have any worries about the title.

Good luck, I already have a wrx or i'd pick this up.

akylekoz Reader
6/15/17 2:30 p.m.

If I wasn't neck deep in a Lemons car that needs love, a Jeep project that needs a motor installed and life in general, this would be mine. Truly I just can't bring another one home until something leaves.

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