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10/12/17 9:57 a.m.

APEX Pro Update


APEX Pro has just released its updated App and it’s great!  Now you can build a custom track if you’re at an Autocross event, Hill climb or Rally.  How to do this is in the most recent version of the iOS App, http://

Think about this.  Now you can have real time feedback and data logging when racing at just about any venue!  What other data logging equipment does this?  The capability one gets with the APEX Pro is amazing, and for the reasonable price of just $449.

Also, Andrew Rains, Director of Marketing for APEX had an article he wrote featured in Speed Secrets Weekly, Power of the Periphery.  It’s an excellent article and will assist in bettering your lap times.  Check it out at

Do yourself a favor and get an APEX today.  Contact us at, or 888-741-5542

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