Joe Gearin
Joe Gearin Associate Publisher
4/19/18 9:00 a.m.

Our friends at Race Ramps are blowing out some of their products that have scratches and dings.  These still work the way they should, they just might have a nick, or imperfection.  We've been using their products for years, and they are a revelation.  You'll never go back to clunky old metal ramps, or loading a trailer with two-by-fours again! l Open Box Deals l (866)464-2788

Open Box Deals

Save 35% on Open Box Items

Limited Supply

Open Box Race Ramps products are available! From service ramps to Wheel Cribs and FlatStoppers, these items are LTP (less than perfect) and are sold as-is at a phenomenal price. LTP products have some cosmetic imperfections, but still have the full safety integrity of all Race Ramps products. 


Items are sold as-is, no returns. If you have questions, please call our customer service at (866) 464-2788 prior to purchasing. Open Box deals are limited in quantity and while supplies last.

40-inch Sport Ramps

40" Sport Ramps

$96.20 per set



7" lift and for tires up to 8" wide. Great for lowered, short-nosed vehicles.

Rally Ramps

30" Rally Ramps

$59.80 per set



5" lift for tires up to 8" wide. Ideal for small sports cars. 



starting from $122.85

(#LTP-FS-10, LTP-FS)


Get 3x more contact with your tire on our FlatStoppers. Say goodbye to flat spots!

Set of 4


Xtra Wide FlatStoppers

Call for Pricing



Special item available, we have a few sets of FlatStoppers for tires up to 16" wide.

Set of 4

Call Us to Order 866-464-2788

Scale Ramps

Scale Ramps




Convenient! Eliminate needing a jack when using your scales. 

Set of 4

Rack Ramp

Rack Ramp

$107.25 per set



The lighter solution for your lift. These ramps provide an 8.8-degree angle and are for tires up to 12" wide.

Wheel Cribs 12-inch

10" Wheel Cribs



8-inch Wheel Cribs

8" Wheel Cribs



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