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maciekb2002 New Reader
2/29/16 6:57 p.m.

I got some intake boots in a mail Saturday afternoon. 4 out of 8 incorrect sizes . Looks like someone needs to reorganize its inventory . Today I had couple mins so I testing runners lengths and angles. Looks like I need to change angle about 10 degrees. tomorrow morning I will weld up factory ports to fit nicer to 1 1/4 intake runners. I will go with much less bulkier Oetker clamps that I found on MSC direct .

 photo 999122ad-85d5-427f-8919-60eec9b74e20_zpswev3rb4y.jpg  photo 02fc6388-5a2f-43d8-83ed-b05ffffb6dd8_zpsmi5cr5zn.jpg

vazbmw HalfDork
3/1/16 3:20 p.m.

Intake =

maciekb2002 New Reader
3/2/16 9:52 p.m.

We have been a little busy at work , also my volleyball schedule was little busy this week . Got couple little things done. 4 center runners are to the spec . Everything lines up and nicely and works super smooth . Now outsides are going to be little trickier . Looks like I will have to make little offset between the ports . Nice size tacks . Mercedes casting welds really nicely to 6061 alloy . Picture shows how much I will have to push away bodys from each other and that would require changing spacing springs and length of the action levers .

 photo 40394580-5B42-49C6-BA8F-A52ECE426AFB_zpsxmw7aahz.jpg  photo E2992C5E-A85F-493A-A2CD-5341B323CA65_zpsedc0psph.jpg  photo 65E5EF31-DCC5-4E5A-AA83-238FC96C3E83_zpsjm93r3hq.jpg  photo 459E5D1B-CF99-4D3D-ADB7-6F8CF5797DA8_zpsuw5hw4nb.jpg

I had nothing to do couple mins before work . And totally by accident figured out how to make velocity stacks using a exhaust bender/ stretcher .

 photo 8B8021D3-47D9-4496-A565-82881A628BF4_zpsbr6mykgn.jpg  photo 8F84898C-F71B-440F-AC6F-F44C150F4ACA_zpsy2vfjvih.jpg  photo 6F39F471-A9BF-4223-8ABF-31DA26E7434C_zpshosl3p4m.jpg

Looks oldschool I like it . Little polish will do get the job done

NOHOME PowerDork
3/3/16 7:56 a.m.

I hate how metal moves around when I weld on it. You are making me newvous with the unattached end of the manifold and all the heat.

Would be tempted to have the open end of the manifold braced or jigged so it cant move. Or better yet have it bolted to the engine/heads.

maciekb2002 New Reader
3/4/16 8:44 a.m.

No problems with warping . I welded on 4 inside runners , casting has tall sections between the ports that keep everything nice and straight .

 photo 05C0BDF7-E219-4D0E-98BF-31BF7557046E_zpsx5jxclii.jpg  photo DAD4E837-F7D8-4770-8E9F-7D784A573F13_zpsirifdudl.jpg  photo 21C52922-581A-44B4-BC70-C123FC271D01_zpsezegmmpt.jpg  photo CA17B413-041F-4723-A860-3F3B1E39AFED_zpsr5pnnrph.jpg

maciekb2002 New Reader
3/15/16 4:58 p.m.

So finally had some time to continue on ITBs Runners are all in place . Tomorrow I will weld in last four pieces .

 photo 5B471243-FD83-40A7-A67B-D1F848F0EF5A_zpsndi6yk1a.jpg  photo 5CE0D6C6-0970-455F-8986-19AF61FF25A0_zps4ylvjvlt.jpg  photo 61C0AB4E-CE5F-434F-9125-3C10F1F46E0B_zpsxgu3ac3f.jpg  photo 78707A75-FF11-41E7-8C9A-11E13A496A77_zpsboeu5jcb.jpg  photo EA69AB98-D37A-43C0-BA1E-2EF1210EE37C_zpsdkjqcnkg.jpg

Last week I started to clean block up . Accessories unnecessary brackets etc all out. I need to get new alternator, bearing were shot .

 photo 35A65558-4D6E-467D-AFAB-35B74C519CB1_zps3mxbmgnn.jpg  photo B71E4D3E-60AE-4BFC-A52B-BBB056C93289_zps5aworr65.jpg  photo 596C84EF-0DEF-4D0C-AA09-9F29B6A05993_zpsdihevbkx.jpg  photo 8A086DC9-09F4-4328-8C92-85195B36F505_zpsw2deghte.jpg  photo 380B568B-AC0B-4665-9623-329661F54427_zpsumblnths.jpg  photo EF9BFB60-A254-42D8-AEED-6E2DE330FE1B_zpsiflxfrpi.jpg  photo 97F5224A-820C-4B72-A25F-27AF7AD7DE1F_zpsrou2g8rs.jpg

brad131a4 New Reader
3/15/16 5:12 p.m.

Awe man I want to see you make some headers for this. Guessing it would look like a octopus hanging on to the side of each head.

java230 HalfDork
3/15/16 5:51 p.m.

ITB's are looking awesome!

bgkast UberDork
3/15/16 10:10 p.m.


Fantastic project!

pres589 UberDork
3/15/16 11:13 p.m.

... just what the deuce is all in that shop? I see, what, a Jalpa? And then... I don't know what, like a Karmann Ghia with an LS3 in the front?? That can't be a Karmann Ghia right? And then a third car...

HunterBenz New Reader
3/15/16 11:41 p.m.

Looking great!

EDT New Reader
3/15/16 11:59 p.m.
pres589 wrote: ... just what the deuce is all in that shop? I see, what, a Jalpa? And then... I don't know what, like a Karmann Ghia with an LS3 in the front?? That can't be a Karmann Ghia right? And then a third car...

That sure looks like a Maserati v8 in the Karmann Ghia.

maciekb2002 New Reader
3/16/16 7:51 a.m.

This keeps me busy during the week.

 photo 3FBB2398-E04C-4B5A-BDD2-97AFAE56F84A_zpsgyhgcpi7.jpg

RossD UltimaDork
3/16/16 8:43 a.m.

Stop the presses! I demand a photographic shop tour!

maciekb2002 New Reader
3/18/16 9:44 p.m.

One day I will do it . For now everybody can visit berlinettamotorcars.com

Throttle body fits the engine! Now the question is , Does the hood will be able to close ? Farther modification will be perform after engine goes in . That should be soon . Week or 2

 photo 12CA7DB0-90E4-41FF-A46F-5210EFC08AB7_zpsyqqfb2h1.jpg  photo BFEBE890-0F95-4898-84D5-53B6C7EB5D7F_zpsfls96ant.jpg  photo E72982AA-E57A-4651-9D30-55CDBDB7EF90_zps9rmc95l9.jpg  photo FDBDE19D-626F-497D-8558-7E939D0DCDA5_zpsl25mpolw.jpg  photo 3AC4DC7A-1860-41F7-B10E-C3429C424C2F_zpsrnoprley.jpg

Now I will show other part of the project whitch are pedals . Refreshed all the pedals . new master cylinder mounted . I'm affraid that push rod is slightly to short . Nothing new . Other then that ready for installation .

 photo E6F17CE4-3552-457E-89CD-7257F4831705_zpsilbcdjbu.jpg  photo 58EB0ED5-A5DC-4B09-89C7-C08DAA19F989_zpsvmjfxijy.jpg  photo 38092EB4-AFDF-446F-8649-9FB350533151_zpscl1ur1wy.jpg  photo 1F565A11-104D-43EA-AE1C-D2D1FC619F3D_zpskxxj9cgn.jpg  photo A55FCB7C-CB6F-4EE0-8572-7CBDF28AABEE_zps48n2amiw.jpg

maciekb2002 New Reader
4/4/16 10:17 p.m.

 photo 0E47D085-9E3E-4EA1-A210-B31878DBB74E_zps1s0yjebh.jpg  photo 7B1A63A6-7541-40F5-B925-2466A6E953DE_zpsgyglxxxr.jpg  photo CB7394B5-971B-49CB-9EE5-872DFE8DDBD5_zpshmhtsi1d.jpg  photo 96B57932-40E5-4461-8961-FA5F9ACD8213_zpsqb6d3qi6.jpg

I picked up 20mm spacers . To resolve big tire clearance issues .

And just in case another 72 280se . Almost complete car with 4.5 under the hood. Question why? I need LSD diff and 72 4.5 all came with it. Also I bed I can used some parts and sell the rest. Now I need the car in the shop for a mounts fabrication etc

duct_tape New Reader
4/8/16 11:15 a.m.

I joined GRM so that I could follow this thread. I just picked up a '69 280sel

Jerry From LA
Jerry From LA Dork
4/9/16 10:20 a.m.

Will you install some kind of aluminum valley cover to keep your intake system cooler? Otherwise, vapor lock could be a problem on a warm start.

Dusterbd13 PowerDork
4/9/16 10:23 a.m.

Efi doesn't have as much of a problem with vapor lock as carbs. However, I would still run a return style fuel system to reduce possibility that much more.

maciekb2002 New Reader
4/10/16 7:03 p.m.

I need to fit the engine and see how much clearance I will have . I was thinking about getting some kind of ram air intake that would use the hood to seal off air box as soon as you close it . I got nice modification done over the weekend ,pics to come. It will save me lots of work on front subframe

maciekb2002 New Reader
4/11/16 4:37 p.m.

This is another interesting story . Totally by accident came across r107 mercedes 88 560sl . Engine code m117 . Blocks are very similar . Except m119 is a DOHC, I was able to take off fully alloy oil pan out of 117 and after oil pump and sump modification install it on m119 . I gained lots of clearance on subframe.

 photo IMG_7298_zps8krvjuhz.jpg  photo IMG_7299_zps56rkbf71.jpg  photo IMG_7300_zpss35viswf.jpg  photo IMG_7301_zps5eqfacfb.jpg  photo IMG_7302_zpsc5rf5kny.jpg  photo IMG_7303_zps7tdyyiwy.jpg  photo IMG_7304_zpsxulxtujn.jpg

If there was no difference in the oil pump pickup shape I would just leave the m119 in it but I would have to modified port so I went other direction

 photo IMG_7305_zpsud4iojzq.jpg  photo IMG_7306_zpsmepoidwn.jpg  photo IMG_7307_zpsxfkptlkf.jpg  photo IMG_7309_zpsyqplcg1j.jpg  photo IMG_7310_zpstdmb7oev.jpg  photo IMG_7308_zpscakl1zck.jpg  photo IMG_7314_zpsgdagcaki.jpg

alloy m117 pan needed oil return channel modification I drilled holes on 45 degree angle. Couple of them were slightly to deep so some welding was neccesery . Had to also add second slash pan

 photo IMG_7311_zpsselimoln.jpg  photo IMG_7312_zpsnmd2btqi.jpg  photo IMG_7313_zps9yvfcxhr.jpg  photo IMG_7316_zpskghk51ol.jpg  photo IMG_7318_zpst4jplar7.jpg

and all done

maciekb2002 New Reader
4/11/16 5:18 p.m.

Forgot that I was able to mount 25mm specers and wheels . Inner wheel well clearance issues resolved. Will work on outside soon.

 photo IMG_7319_zps8ntz7soc.jpg  photo IMG_7320_zpslfpzxswq.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpsq2mbhgjt.jpg  photo IMG_7322_zpsuutr80jr.jpg  photo IMG_7323_zpsppmedhxh.jpg  photo IMG_7324_zpsnnlxlqjt.jpg  photo IMG_7325_zpsgri0g9cr.jpg  photo IMG_7326_zpsyqa3vpje.jpg  photo IMG_7327_zpswbzcul84.jpg  photo IMG_7328_zpsyckxkeru.jpg

chiodos Dork
4/11/16 6:59 p.m.

You going with flares or just going to turn a bit off those spacers? Looks awesome to me man!

maciekb2002 New Reader
4/12/16 2:58 p.m.

There will be exact steel wide body reproduced just like original redpig was. Cutting will start soon . Plus I can't lie , there is rust repair needed in some spots.

maciekb2002 New Reader
6/9/16 2:15 p.m.

work in progress . Pics coming soon

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