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maciekb2002 New Reader
6/28/16 12:14 a.m.


Looks like is in

Mezzanine HalfDork
6/28/16 11:49 a.m.

Yiss. This excites me.

maciekb2002 New Reader
6/30/16 10:01 p.m.

Tonight finally I have some time to sit down and give you a quick review .

Oil pan modification was great idea . M119 fits really nicely over a stock subframe and steering parts . Engine being a twin can design is much wider then single can set up . There is my little problem right there . Left cylinder head is 1/4 inch away from steering box adjustment nut. When engine comes out next time I will try to solve that problem . Engine was mounted 0.75 " off set towards the passenger side for that reason. I cleaned engine bay well, replaced subframe bushings . They were totally broken in half . Bulky getrag 6 speed out if bmw 540 didn't clear the tunnel .

 photo IMG_20160625_153922_zpsusieupoe.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_153947_zpseljvajug.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_183832_zpsdayhvajq.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_183822_zpskoitjas2.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_183815_zpsy8pkgrqu.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_183807_zpsxymixsn4.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_183841_zpsqqg6qigl.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_202525_zpsgbi6lnpu.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_202533_zpsskcf9rnx.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_202539_zpsuxnofyew.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205400_zpskzpy0q5f.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205414_zpsrs5fujxe.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205421_zpsxkw1cnpq.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205426_zpsoe7skfml.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205443_zpsqbryoagq.jpg  photo IMG_20160625_205453_zpsda7qcwx4.jpg

maciekb2002 New Reader
6/30/16 10:21 p.m.

 photo IMG_20160626_144503_zps0iao8bat.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144507_zpsjgnkrhj8.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144512_zpsjmh7eblv.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144530_zps2cdf32od.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_181314_zpskibxlcw4.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144549_zps0b4rgacs.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144541_zps3vu3s2ya.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_144532_zpsboznx6l0.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_181319_zpssw2kszwl.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_181331_zpsqfljcqj3.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_181338_zpsass3rmdd.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_224751_zps7kowgtm0.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_224758_zps54eyi6t4.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_232211_zpsomndjifo.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_235605_zpsdke6l8on.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_235614_zpsxqx5mpqm.jpg  photo IMG_20160626_235622_zps2msznyp7.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_000844_zpsecn4hzx1.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_000847_zpscpdt9bvf.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_000854_zps8llsjydb.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_000918_zpslcy3lwhd.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_000923_zpsvksiqtg6.jpg  photo IMG_20160627_005417_zpscgbbfkyy.jpg

HunterBenz Reader
6/30/16 11:31 p.m.

I'm liking the small and some large differences between our similar projects. My bell housing is so big it is hitting the steering stuff.

Looking great!

Trans_Maro PowerDork
7/1/16 1:22 a.m.

This is awesome...

Jerry From LA
Jerry From LA SuperDork
7/1/16 11:15 a.m.

Sorry to threadjack but...one thing I've never understood about engine swaps using trans adapter plates...How do you get good spline engagement between the input shaft and the clutch disc? How does the pilot bearing /bushing have an effect with the shaft 1/2" - 1" out of the hole? I can see how it works with an auto trans but I don't get it with a manual. Really enjoying this build because who else would do this but a GRM reader?

Trans_Maro PowerDork
7/1/16 12:16 p.m.

You build a flywheel spacer the same thickness as the adapter plate to move the clutch and pilot bearing to the correct location.

HunterBenz Reader
7/1/16 1:10 p.m.

I just finished building my adapter plate for the same engine/different trans. In my case there is still quite a bit of input shaft fitting into the pilot bearing.

The crank actually sticks out from the block quite a bit. The stock flex plate also has 2 spacers already, one on each side. I found that leaving the spacer between the flex plate and the crank keeps it spaced nicely. My button flywheel spaces everything out nicely on the other side of the flex plate.

The problems are unique to each combo of engine and trans, as well as type of flywheel and clutch. So there is not one answer to get it all working right. I'd imagine in some of the more extreme cases, you could even make a spacer to make the pilot bearing stick out a bit from the crank.

maciekb2002 New Reader
7/1/16 10:26 p.m.

In reply to Trans_Maro:

very well said.

Tomorrow Is a cross member day and engine comes out for that steering box modification.

maciekb2002 New Reader
7/4/16 9:27 p.m.

It looks like is all where is suppose to be. On a driver side we got about 1/2" clearance between steering box and manifold flange. Cross member need to be cosmetically finished plus some paint

 photo IMG_20160702_173254_zpsk0onle8o.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_214738_zps5hhrbvhq.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_214755_zps6c60oyab.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223212_zpsrx3thh3j.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223225_zpsabghk9gq.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223235_zpsa2wkp35e.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223259_zps2uspqcjw.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223342_zpsewzmtuba.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223434_zpshhrqtpgf.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223427_zpsmcuwen7x.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223642_zpsjw2jlqn1.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223648_zps0rzj9zbp.jpg  photo IMG_20160702_223659_zpssy8cipey.jpg

324tdi New Reader
7/7/16 8:20 p.m.

If you know anyone looking for one of those Getrag 6 speeds, I have some located at VIR



Al Taylor 324tdi@gmail.com

maciekb2002 New Reader
7/7/16 9:08 p.m.

We got a fresh delivery at the shop . Couldn't resist to take a picture with serious car Yea that is real one. I don't know how much they go for 3-4 Mil

 photo IMG_20160707_081818_zpsdgq2cg7i.jpg  photo IMG_20160707_081911_zps2ypuwxtt.jpg

Strike_Zero UltraDork
7/9/16 6:39 p.m.

Eugene267 New Reader
9/30/16 8:21 a.m.

I've been collecting parts for RedPig project for years. Hoping to build it some day. I would like to show pics of my parts but I can't figure out how to post them here.

pinchvalve MegaDork
9/30/16 8:27 a.m.

In January, A 288 GTO sold for $2.75 mil. That will continue to go up. Oh, and the Red Pig is my hero!

maciekb2002 New Reader
1/5/17 6:53 p.m.

Finally have some time to roll the Pig back in to the shop . I needed to get rid of steering box. There was no room for exhaust on driver side. Installed rack out of 95 3 series bmw. Tie rod ends are exactly the same. Inner rods required shortening. Still waiting for one more universal joint . 52 spline joints on all the ZF racks are the same .

 photo IMG_20170102_163916_zpszuw4lomf.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_163918_zpsvirinztu.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_163921_zpsvq4at2li.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_163927_zpskwccthuf.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_163929_zps79p5nrx0.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_163938_zpsgdiqd7kn.jpg  photo IMG_20170102_164304_zpsutgvcduu.jpg

BA5 New Reader
1/5/17 11:23 p.m.

You may consider beefing up that transmission cross-member.

Awesome build!

Jerry From LA
Jerry From LA SuperDork
1/6/17 7:57 p.m.

Been staring at your engine mounts for awhile now. Possibly some small triangular gussets between the mount tubes and the engine block mount bolt flange?

maciekb2002 New Reader
1/17/17 10:02 p.m.

I had to go other route with steering rack , After doing some research with BMW parts I was 99% sure that they use rear steer type steering rack. I had a 15 min laugh after lowering car on the ground and testing steering . Steering wheel turns to the right but wheels to the left. That is not going to work . I was thinking about making a transmission on a steering shaft with 2 gears that will counter rotate shaft . No to much work . It was a great fit with BMW parts , there have to be something out there with short rack that has a rear steer option . Visit at the local junk yard took me towards Ford taurus rack. Much heavier made piece . And only 1 inch longer then ZF.

New parts are all in. Wheels are turning correct way now. Needed to modified mounts . Pics soon . And There is plenty space for header .

AngryCorvair UltimaDork
1/18/17 4:21 p.m.

Love this build!

jfryjfry Reader
1/19/17 8:31 a.m.

I would look into front suspension geometry. I did when I was building my little hot rod and iirc, the width of the rack inner tie rods should be same as control arm pivots or you will have bump steer.

maciekb2002 New Reader
1/23/17 8:29 p.m.

Steering Rack is pretty much done. It fells surprisingly light , didn't check the turn ratio yet but is feels very close to factory set up. I left a little room on the rack geometry so I can lower the front end about another inch. Also I add 3 extra gussets for mount stiffness. I don't see any movement when I turn. Quality of ford rack seems like well made piece .

 photo IMG_20170120_132538_zpsvf3ruadm.jpg  photo IMG_20170120_132542_zpsbpzjduxd.jpg  photo IMG_20170120_132549_zpsju8xqafi.jpg  photo IMG_20170120_132603_zps030qzqye.jpg  photo IMG_20170123_074056_zps2vp9gcao.jpg  photo IMG_20170123_074107_zpsx0uofqt8.jpg  photo IMG_20170123_074118_zpsr3jumhd7.jpg

maciekb2002 New Reader
1/23/17 8:31 p.m.

Steering shaft is a mercedes to BMW to ford conversion. I thing I will add support bearing . Just to eliminate little shaft flex . All the universal joint are all the same . US or Euro parts fit in to each other

Lambo_Rambo New Reader
1/28/17 8:36 a.m.

Any updates on this? I have a W201 with the same engine and 5 speed manual so your project is very interesting for me :) Very good info on the M117 oil pan, and I'm looking forward to see the ITB setup.

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