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Cool_Hand_Luke Reader
1/30/15 11:36 p.m.

I'm liking the center lug +10hp

The HalfDork
2/5/15 5:31 p.m.

off to the dyno and tune the standalone Epic ECU, have you ever loaded a non running car on to a trailer with no help.......It Sucks

Giant Purple Snorklewacker
Giant Purple Snorklewacker MegaDork
2/5/15 5:34 p.m.

In reply to The:

Next time... charge the battery, put it in third and use the starter to drive it up the ramps ;)

t25torx HalfDork
2/5/15 9:12 p.m.
The wrote: have you ever loaded a non running car on to a trailer with no help.......It Sucks

Pretty much every time I load a car on my trailer. Go to Harbor Freight, buy a come-along and a tow strap, it becomes a whole lot easier.

zracre1 New Reader
2/6/15 9:00 a.m.

I just set up wheel chocks on trailer and front of trailer(to stop car), put strap on hitch and tow hook, pull car on (be sure to check for people with cameras and such...no need to become the next interweb sensation!) then back up to trailer. If done slowly it makes life easy.

Lemenkidd None
2/8/15 2:24 p.m.

Amazing work man! Very impressive! Can't wait to see more!!

The HalfDork
2/10/15 10:58 a.m.

...................Ordered Shaw Lexan, talked to Shaw himself.....all he did was order it from Five Star and direct shipped from them to me I must say I am a little bummed out by that, I could have ordered it from them myself but I thought Shaw products were suppose to be a step above the rest.

Cuda Reader
3/28/15 1:35 p.m.

Any updates on this beauty?

The HalfDork
3/31/15 6:37 a.m.

Update, it has been sitting at the dyno shop for about a month now and they claim it will be another month if I am lucky. They support a lot of race cars so they come first. Anyway they will be installing the Epic Stand alone ECU tuning it on their dyno..........

lnlogauge Reader
10/8/15 11:35 a.m.

Still sitting at the dyno shop?

Mad_Ratel HalfDork
10/8/15 11:51 a.m.

I totally forgot about this car. Where oh where is it?

The HalfDork
12/9/15 10:51 a.m.

The car is finished with one trackday to sort it, ran great at Road A, puts some new vettes to the test. it has the best of everything as you can see, it would do better lowered I think. Problem is I contracted Parkinson’s as i was finishing the car and I am unable to drive it.(No pitty party please). i guess i am going to put it up for sale i know i will take a beaten but it is what it is.

pres589 UberDork
12/9/15 12:30 p.m.

In reply to The:

I remember you mentioning the Parkinson's in some other thread, another time. You said no pitty party, so, okay then. Do you have pictures of the car? I found your build pretty interesting and made me wonder why I'm not doing something similar.

The HalfDork
12/9/15 2:41 p.m.

Let me know if anybody needs more info.

The HalfDork
12/9/15 2:43 p.m.

2002 E46 M3 2002 BMW E46 M3 6 speed/ inline 6 cyl Coupe Track Car Build
Part Cost BOUGHT
Car $10,250.00 Car $10,250.00 car
Wheels $1,400.00 18x8-5-stw-center-lock-wheels-and-hub-conversion-20-off/ $1,400.00 wheels, single center lug
Brake Cool $300.00 Front Brake Cooling Kit $300.00 brake duct cooling kit
Lug Wrench $125.00 stw-center-lock-torque-bar/ $125.00 special breaker bar lug wrench
Coilover $2,200.00 Ground Control double adjustable coilover suspension $2,200.00 ground control double adjustable coil overs
Dr. Vanos/Vanos $1,000.00
headlight blanks $580.00 Carbon fiber headlight blank & air intake $580.00 carbon fiber headlight blank & air intake
radio blank $15.00 Radio blank dash blank $15.00 radio blank dash blank
header $1,370.00 Stainless steel exhaust headers, pipes and Bulga race muffler $1,370.00 stainless steel exhaust headers, pipes and Bulga race muffler
Shifter $772.00 cae-bmw-ultra-shifter/ $772.00 CAE shifter
fire suppression $260.00 Fire suppression 3 nozzles, 1, fuel tank, 1, driver and 1 engine, 2 manual actuators $260.00 fire suppression 3 nozzles, 1, fuel tank, 1, driver and 1 engine, 2 manual actuators
hood $1,166.00 275/35-18 NITTO NT 01 35R R18 MOUNT AND BALANCE $1,016.00 tires
lexan $1,075.00 Shaw lexan side, front & rear window shaw lexan side, front & rear window
tires $3,000.00 Epic Stand Alone ECU Race Tuned---Installed Epic Stand Alone ECU Race Tuned---Installed
roof spoiler $160.00 Carbon fiber roof spoiler $160.00 carbon fiber roof spoiler
paint bump cov $250.00 Repaint front bumper cover $250.00 repaint front bumper cover
$45.00 M power decals $45.00 M power decals
cage $2,013.00 Kirk Racing cage, any class legal $2,013.00 cage, any class legal
cage padding $45.00 Cage padding $45.00 cage paddinng
tow hooks $34.00 AC Polished Aluminum floor mats $34.00 ac floor mats
rad mount $14.00 Radiator mount $14.00 radiator mount
oil plug $10.00 oil drain plug $10.00 oil drain plug
steer wheel $311.00 Sparco, suede steering wheel with quick release $311.00 sparco, suede steering wheel with quick release
switchs $133.00 Battery master kill switch, switch panel, push button start, lighted and fused switchs for fan, fuel pump etc $133.00 battery master kill switch, switch panel, push button start, lighted and fused switchs for fan, fuel pump etc
blk reflectors $36.00 Carbon fiber blk reflectors for front bumper cover $36.00 Carbon fiber blk reflectors for front bumper cover
Splitter Carb $336.00 Carbon fiber front splitter $336.00 carbon fiber front splitter
pedal mount $18.00 Pedal mount $18.00 pedal mount
Data $1,229.00 Digital aim dash $1,229.00 Digital aim dash
pedal covers $19.00 Stainless pedal covers $19.00 pedal covers
carbon fibre wrap $30.00 Carbon wrap silver and black $30.00 carbon wrap silver and black
carbon roof $1,400.00 Carbon fiber roof $1,400.00 carbon fiber roof
mirrior $50.00 Wink road race mirror-Billet Brackets $50.00 wink road race mirror
materials $322.00 Materials, spotweld drill bit, glass wire, boot plyers, hose connector/clamps, brake bleeder, primer, sanpaper $322.00 heatgun, spotweld drill bit, glass wire, vise clamps, shop light, bumper paint,boot plyers, hose connector/clamps, bumper paint, brake bleeder, pump, creeper, primer, sanpaper
seats $1,737.00 Sparco seats mounts and sliders, harness and seat hardware $1,737.00 sparco seats mounts and sliders, harness and seat hardware
PS FLUID $23.00 BMW life time power steering fluid $23.00 ps fluid
towing $180.00 Towing $180.00 towing
CPV $40.00 BMW OEM Constant Oil Pressure Valve $40.00 Constant Pressure Valve
BRAKE FLUID $36.00 Brake fluid $36.00 brake fluid
ANTIFREEZE & WATER WET $45.00 BMW OEM Antifreeze $45.00 antifreeze
air filter $15.00 Air filter $15.00 air filter
oil, filter, plugs $178.00 Motul racing oil, filter, spark plugs $178.00 Motul racing oil, filter, spark plugs
harness $180.00 Crow 3" harness, seatbelts $175.00 harness, seatbelts
car cover $20.00 Car cover $20.00 car cover Sold
$32,622.00 $27,392.00 1000 rick
$800.00 Sale Seats Door Panels minus $4,450.00 200 front wheels
$31,822.00 $22,942.00 70 cage
80 dollies
To Do 45 doors
Body 400 door panels
Added Carbon Fiber, Roof, Roof Spoiler, Front Air Splitter, Headlight Deletes, Front Markers 375 coke sign
Gutted Interior & Wiring Harness, Doors, Glass, 200 seat
Grinded, Sanded, Sealed & Refinshed Interior 85 erector set
Added Stainless pedal and Floor Covers 150 polar coupon
Added NITTO Tires275/35-18 NITTO NT 01 35R R18 200 models
Single Center Lug 18" Wheels glass 75 1k wheel
graphics 500 autographs
Mechnical glue roof 70 tractors
Removed Catted Headers, AC, Heater Core, Emission Controls & Air Pumps detail oem paint 1000 trailer
Replaced PS Fluid, Trans Fluid, Rear Diff Fluid, Brake Fluid, Oil, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Brake Lines harness's 4450
,Brake Fluid & Brake Pads, Stainless Lines front splitter headlight blanks
Added Front to rear Stainless Exhaust with Catless Headers and Buluga Race Exhaust fire system
Added CAE Shifter from Europe
Added Removable Sparco Steering wheel brake cooling
Added Front Brake Cooling Kit
Added Constant Oil Pressure Valve roof air dam
Added Radiator Mounts
Added Ground Control Double Adjustable Coil Over Suspension

    Electronics         HUX                 
    Added AIM Digital Dash          Wire up ECU, switch panel, power breaker                    
    Added Epic ECU with Race Tune           Install Coilovers                   
    Added Push Button Start, Switch Panel Lighted and Fused, Main Power Cut Off             install brake lines and fluid                   
    Added a pair Crow 3" Harness                               
    Added a 3 noozel Fire Suppression System                                
    Added a pair of Sparco Pro Seats with Sliders                               
    Addded Kirk Racing Cage & Padding                               
    Added Wink Road Race Mirrior
The HalfDork
12/9/15 2:53 p.m.

we just had the nose on temp, the Turner air intake is sitting crooked in the pics. Carbon Fiber roof Turner Carbon air intake and light blank CAE Shifter single lug wheels Carbon front and rear All Lexan Sparco seats, steering wheel, pop off 3 nozzell fire suppression Optima Quick Jack*** Etc.......

Harvey Dork
12/9/15 3:15 p.m.

How much are you looking to get for the car? Is that a spreadsheet cut and paste?

pres589 UberDork
12/9/15 3:25 p.m.

The: I don't want to misrepresent my interest in the car; I just wondered how it turned out. I'm not in a position to make such a purchase. It looks great in the pictures you shared.

The HalfDork
12/9/15 3:33 p.m.

yes the spreadsheet is cut and paste it is a excel i can send it to you if you like as for the price, it's not a firesale i have over 30k in it i dont expect high 20's but i won't take low 20's. i have my mind right for somebody who knows what they are looking at.

oldtin UberDork
12/9/15 3:41 p.m.

Beautiful car and nicely done!

What's the fire suppression system? I must not be looking in the right place - I haven't found one under $300.

The HalfDork
12/9/15 4:39 p.m.

the fire suppresson system is inside the car it is a fire bottle with nolzzes 1 in the engine bay one over the driver and one over the fuel tank, i got mine for 300, i just went to the HardMotor sports site where i got mine and now they are 400, i just bought that in the spring......jeez, you might call Adam and tell him you need a deal. http://www.hardmotorsport.com

The HalfDork
12/13/15 3:32 p.m.

The Dork
1/11/16 8:19 a.m.


4/15/20 7:02 p.m.

I know this is a very old thread but what happened with the rest of the car? Did any of the other suspension bits gets done. It would be crazy to have gone this far and not have done the rest of it. Just sayin


10/28/21 1:31 p.m.

Quick update on this car. It was sold to a gentleman in Atlanta and used a few times at track days. I recently purchased the car and am working on resurrecting it. It's had a few mods since the build including subframe reinforcement and Vanos work. I'll be making further mods including rear wing to match the splitter, likely a better suspension system (MCS two ways) and lowering it. Getting rid of the centerlocks is high on my list as I have two sets of wheels from a previous track car and the idea of messing with 350 ft/lbs of force to remove them at the track doesn't seem to make sense. So if anyone is interested in the wheels and conversion kit, let me know. 

I was sorry to read about the original builder's illness. I promise I'll put her to good use! I'm an instructor with BMW CCA and PCA so I'm at the track often. Hopefully you are still around and if so, feel free to ping me...as I might have some questions ;-).

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