svxsti Reader
8/27/20 2:10 p.m.


The final solution in super car beaters. When I first seen FFR's truck I shook my head and thought what's the point......then it hit me! Dually! All the RWD guys complain they can't keep up with the AWD guys at events with over 500hp unless you can afford a McLaren P1 to hook the asphalt. Well now I am going to take a 2400 lb track tested chassis that can hold an 800hp V8 from a salvaged LS3 for easy replacement under a bolt on supercharger and make it a dually with 6) 315/35R17×11s. Why? The 315/30R18 has proven itself on the front of Le Mans winning cars with this curb weight and under the 500hp 911 GT2, then of course the affordability and manageability on bumpy surfaces. 

Deep breath.

This is it, the street legal car I am going to lap VIR and Laguna Seca faster than anything street legal ever, but at the end of the day I think I'm still going to hop in my Renault Formula V6 powered Exige Cup just for the sound on mountain roads.

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