bigfranks84 Reader
8/17/19 12:20 p.m.

This is a buddy's truck.  He's had it a couple years now.  A local shop in town kinda screwed him on some work they did. So now I'm going to do some work on it. Started on the easy things. 


Radio wasn't working. So dug into the wiring on it and realized the radio was just shot. Pulled my last one out of my cupboards and put it in. 


Clean it up a bit

Period correct stereo.


This used to have a system in it, but it was all stolen out of the truck when the po had it. 

So pulled out all the old wiring. 


bigfranks84 Reader
8/17/19 12:30 p.m.

Working on the esof now. Just randomly stopped working. So trying to figure out why. 

Dash switch has voltage and ohms were good on. 

Relays aren't clicking when the knob is turned. 86 and 87 show 12v on both relays regardless of key on or off. 

Solenoid middle wire shows 12v with key on.  But both outside wires show grounded regardless of switch positions. 

If I jump from 86 to 30 it shows voltage to the switch motor. So there's  not a break to the switch motor. 

All the fuses under dash and under hood aren't blown. But did find that fuse 16 and 20 under the dash aren't showing any power. 

The hubs are in manual lock mode and the 4x4 light only illuminates for a brief second as you start the vehicle. They do not turn on with just the key turned to on. 

Any ideas I'm open. Just trying to look through diagrams at this point. 1999 used the gem to control 4wd from what I've read. Looks like the went to an 4wd controller in 2002. Hopefully it's not a bad gem. 

egoman Reader
8/18/19 1:47 p.m.

I currently have one of these as my yard truck. Bought it new in summer of 98. Transfer case shifting is one of the major problems these trucks have and is the reason mine is no longer a daily driver. Another problem is the brake caliper slider pins. They can seize completely solid. Motor and trans have never caused me a bit of trouble and the truck has the best ac of all my vehicles even though I only start it 5-6 times a year. I changed the auto front hubs to manuals because the 4x4 system kinda sucks overall.

bigfranks84 Reader
9/13/19 12:22 a.m.

Yeah,  gave up , the gem is bad on the 4x4 side of it. So rather than pay to get a new gem and reprogrammed we went the manual route. 

I've seen where some people say you can't or shouldn't manual shift the electronic tcase. 

But I went that route, because he needs 4x4 and seems fine to me. Pretty clear where the gears are by feel.  

So here's the finished product. 



Here's the rod I made to make this all work.  



I took the factory shift motor assembly apart. Welded a plate to it, then used a shoulder bolt and a nylock to mount the rod to it. Both ends are using some forged eyebolts with washers welded to close up the eye. Took a few attempts to get that right.  

Then I had to do some trimming on the bracket that bolts to the trans for the shifter lever. Easy enough,  notched the corner then it fit.  

The tcase shifter assembly thing needed so modding. I took it apart and pulled the spring and drilled and pinned it, because it doesn't need to move, in this case. 

The shift boot and trim are from a mr gasket shifter kit I've had laying around for ever. 

I had most of these parts just laying around from another project. I probably got $10 to make it all happen. 

But I tested it all tonight and it goes smoothly and relatively easy into the gears.

So 4x4 is once again working,  just have to go old school and lock the hubs and shift it into 4x4. 


OHSCrifle SuperDork
9/13/19 6:31 a.m.

Nice Grassroots engineering!

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