1/16/22 4:14 p.m.

The story starts when I bought an auction Audi S4 with a blown engine, some things happened with the paperwork in the background unbeknownst to me. Long story short the car is Un-registerable, non-existent to the state of CA, and to top it all off I found all that out after I sourced a new donor motor, rebuilt and installed it. I drove the car 20 miles after the work was done, found out the title/paperwork issues and in-turn the car sits. This car was not supposed to be a project car, it was supposed to be a fun little daily that was cheap. But as stated, now I have a great running and driving paperweight. I cant even sell the car officially, it has no paperwork that states im the owner, even though the auction house and the DMV verbally confirmed I am the owner.


Anyways, when I was a child my Dad used to take me to see the autocross cars run at Qaulcomm Stadium (jack Murphy). I loved watching them. Now this car is my candidate to autocross with. My background is in the off-road racing world, long travel, big V8's, big tires, body roll numbers in the double digits and all. I am a little familiar with car stuff, I get suspension theories, geometries, and whatnot from my professional background of Mechanical Engineering. I have fabrication skills from some former jobs in fabrication shops and whatnot. 


The background of the car is its an 2005 Audi S4 V8 4.2, Auto w/paddles, AWD, freshly redone engine, Catless downpipes, Upgraded motor mounts. Stock otherwise. For autocross im bummed its an auto, but it at least has paddles, and its fairly responsive given how old the tech is.


I know the first few steps I will need to take to get the car ready for autocross style performance:

-Brake pads, rotors, fluid

-Alignment and check over of all joints

-Safety systems check over


Further than this I am a blank slate in terms of what to do to get the car ready for autocross. There is an event locally to me in a month and a half, so that is my loose time frame.

I am certainly asking for tips and hints to get me on track with this whole other world of auto sports. 



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