accordionfolder Dork
10/10/19 11:57 a.m.

Well - at the very least I think I'll start a build log to keep up with changes going forward - I started building my Exocet 4 years ago at this point!

 I had a spec'ish miata I ran in so-cal and wanted to go faster, but not with more expensive consumables - this was when I was running Sonoma regularly where there's not much in the way of straights. With the aero disadvantage not being a big deal I started in on my Exocet. I'll probably do an abbreviated version, but work through it's progression in a few sets of updates until I get it to today.

The full google photos album is here <-- click

I purchased a relatively vanilla 1.6 miata - very rough around the edges! Came with a ton of spares and a tiny 1.6 supercharger.

You can see my other shocked na6 in the background...

Rodan Dork
10/10/19 12:36 p.m.

Watching with interest! yes

accordionfolder Dork
10/15/19 12:12 p.m.

The poor chopped up miata was then carted away to the scrap yard. It's shiny new frame arrived shortly after!

Getting it off the truck was an adventure - I had to see it unwrapped so that happened in short order. Along with sitting in the drivers seat and making noises.

I used about 12 cans of black VHT rollbar paint with pretty good success, at the time they weren't shipping them powdercoated anymore because of issues with the frames being damaged in shipment.

I ordered/used the exomotive fuel finishing kit to try to speed things along a bit. I also used their brake kit, but that was a true struggle - building braided lines was a terrible experience....

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